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I am on other sites (, I won't isn't them here as I would like people to continue to read my stories on this site). On all of these sites I go by different user names (ricerabbit, questi0n, allleila and martshi). I originally posted my stories at the beginning of 2009. But after a while I drifted away from the Harry Potter fandom and became a proud Romy shipper (Rogue and Remy from X-Men). But now I'm back and posting my ole HP fics on FF keeping the original AN, but adding a few details so I can post the chapters so quickly. That should also explain why, once I had finished posting Nicest Things, when I was asking what story I should upload next I did advertise the fanfictions as either complete or works in progress.

Also Sweetest Thing is now on hiatus until I can get the inspiration for other scenes. I had written two more chapters which are up on other sites but I'm not really happy with them.

Any other questions please feel free to PM me.

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