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Notable (Kim Possible) FICTIONS


This was and is simply an awesome fan-fiction. I couldn't praise it enough. Even with its non-linear timeline, the continuity of the story was done well. Just a great fiction, do yourself a favour and give it a read whether you have or haven't yet.


Not many fiction's sequel could top the original fiction, however REUNION's sequel by G-GO undertook a different genre of science-fiction that somehow manages to complement the adventures of Kim Possible. Although it may be tougher to understand, the merits of understanding the plot is satisfying, and changed my opinion that its prequel is the best KP Fan Fiction; UNION, although undertook a different genre, imo is my favorite FF.

Nacho Boy and the Dragon Lady: MrDrP

A Classic! A great, relaxing alternative take on Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable relationships. The storyline was simple, yet it was really executed well - it's all you need in a good FF of Kim Possible.

The Ronless Factor: Zaratan/Scoutcraft Piratess

Underrated fanfiction. The portrayal and the character development of Bonnie was done really well here.

Possible's Pure Love Road: kmtdiccion

Beside REUNION and UNION by G-GO, this fiction is my favourite fiction in this website. Although it needs a completion for me to fully appreciate it. The bombastic dialogue, the incredible actions, the engaging romance; I just like it.

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