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Maya The Sadistic One PM
Joined Mar '08

Hey, I'm Maya(:

I'm 15. I've been told I'm mature for my age... I've been told to stop acting like a dumbass and grow up. I'm complicated, who's not?

I speak french, but I can't write in french to save my life . How sad that I go to french school. sigh

I have my own personal Jessica, Alice & Rosalie. My Rosalies named Jessica and my Jessicas name is Rosalie. And my little short Alice is Joon (June).

I have many secrets but heres one secret I will tell: I had an obsession with this guy who had a girlfriend, we had this weird thing going on, even though we never said one word to eachother, we just kinda stared...alot. Now when I see him, I laugh hard. He thinks I'm insane and I thin he's right.

Now, stop stalking me and go do something productive.

I hate having to write stuff in my profile.

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