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09-19-16 Update: How time has flown... Unfortunately, still haven't had much inspiration to finish my stories (I'm so sorry...). I still ghost through fics on this site, but have mostly transferred to AO3. I do have the whole story outline written for The Prince and His Dolphin but utterly lack motivation/inspiration to write any of it out (Haven't been into the anime scene in a while...).

08-01-14 UPDATE: Wow I haven't updated my profile since 2011. I admit that I started writing a lot of my fan fictions during my college years and I just haven't really gone back to finish them due to lack of inspiration. I still read (haven't reviewed anything in a while though... O.o). I really want to finish my stories but I just can't seem to remember how I intended to write them. Also for a while I lost interest in the Naruto fandom and in most anime in general. I've been too focused on real life to really put effort out to catch up with the series. However, here's to hoping that I regain some inspiration and at least tie off my stories.

I'm really into languages. I absolutely LOVE them. I'm pretty fluent in Spanish, but I've got quite a few languages in progress(ASL and Japanese). In high school I took a few Latin classes but I really don't remember all that much. I know a little Icelandic but nothing more complicated than "bathroom" and "thank you".

Please feel free to message me about any of my stories and please, please, please REVIEW!! Thanks!!

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