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Hi! I do not write fanfic (yet, at least), but I read a LOT of it, all for Twilight. In 2021, after reading Midnight Sun, I wanted more of Twilight from Edward's POV. I had a negative (and unfair) view of fanfiction at the time, but decided to try it out to scratch my Edward-as-narrator itch. Luckily for me, the first fic I decided to try after googling New Moon from Edward's POV was Ithaca is Gorges, which completely changed my mind about fanfiction, and was the start of an obsession.

I will read both canon and non-canon stories and pairings, although there are, of course, some I'm definitely more interested in than others, and I will read AU and AH, depending on my mood. There are many stories that I have enjoyed but not marked as favorites - the stories I have marked as favorites are the ones that are most special to me. If I have read your work but not favorited it, it does not mean I did not enjoy it! I am even more picky about the writers I will mark as favorites, so again, if you are not on my favorites list, it does not mean I do not enjoy your writing.

I appreciate all who have taken the time, from 2005 to today, to write and publish your work. I am a beta for my (adult) child, who writes for another fandom, so I am well aware of just how much work, time, love, thought, and angst goes into what you do. Thank you!

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