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I write because I love seeing the characters that I love come to life. It makes the writing worthwhile when others review with simply, "I enjoyed your story. I also love to read fanfiction. I think there are some incredible writers out there--on this site. Keep it up.

I live in the Southern United States, but I love cool weather. I think I might like Wisconsin; I'm a huge Green Bay fan.

Most importantly, I have a chronic illness. If you need your stories all done and wrapped up with a bow quickly, read someone else. I write when I can. Snarky little messages don't inspire me. Most reviewers are kind, considerate people, but, unfortunately, trolls are everywhere. I feel sorry for most of them; they must be very unhappy people.

PLEASE remember, fanfiction writers do not GET PAID. I've seen some pretty harsh criticisms of some pretty cool writers. Play nice!

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