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LightChimera PM
Joined Mar '08

Retired writer (Due to lack of time. :Alternative pen names: SonicShadow

Gender: Male

Birthyear: 1991

Fictionpress acc:

About me: Nothing really much. I used to write some Ragnarok fan fiction, but the forums that I posted it on got wiped, I (very cleverly) didn't save a back up, so I only have like chapters 16 onwards. -.-

Right now, I'm writing another story, similar to Ragnarok, but not quite. It more of takes stuff from here and there, and I refine *coughyeahrightcough* it into my story.

Other hobbies:

Reviewer of fan fictions
(I can never start on stories without knowing what I'm getting myself into, like fictionpress) Dragon Nest and Ragnarok Online stories might see my name often in their reviews.

I play games, more of Dragon Nest now, sometimes Rusty Hearts, but I enjoy the occasional brainless, single-player FPS (Halo, Star Wars: Republic Commando [I replayed the shit out of this game]), and maybe sometimes, the not-so-brainless strategy/FPS (Splinter Cell series, DotA2)

(Closet) otaku
I read manga and anime, and none of that mainstream stuff like Naruto, Bleach or One Piece. Steins; Gate, Fate/Zero and Sankarea for me. 8D

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