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Yo, the name's Hyperman. u/Juicybananas_ on reddit

I've been reading fanfics on this site for 8 months or so. I never thought I'd be reading this sort of thing, but it was the natural progression of watching what if dragon ball videos on Youtube.

After reading 370 stories, I ended up having a few not terrible story ideas. Some as far back as 3 months. I might try to publish at least a one shot for some of them in the near future or at least when they finish brewing in my mind.

For example:

- Naruto with Nawaki Senju as the main character

Instead of doing a time travel with Naruto to that time period, just use Kishi's stand in.

- Naruto x JOJO crossover (maybe sprinkled with inspiration from KHR)

Naruto uses Hamon and Spin. Otsutsuki are equivalent of Pillar Men. You can see where this is going.

- Naruto x KHR

Vongola tenth and the gang after the final arc (manga) get summoned in Konoha to take care of baby Naruto. Tsuna ends up taking over the underworld of the Elemental Nations.

Because there really aren't enough xovers with JOJO and KHR.

- Crack Naruto fic "Incest: the Root of All Evil"

The Bijuu are determined to fight against incest.

I got other ideas but I might just make them challenges (not sure how that works)

For example:

Naruto x DB - Naruto is master Roshi's master (either remplaces Master Mutaito or is Mutaito's master as well and/or Naruto got sealed in Earth's Moon. Gets freed when Master Roshi blows it up during the World Martial Arts Tournament

Naruto but Konohamaru is strong (Justice for Konohamaru)

some Naruto crack fics (Naruto misunderstood as a pervert) (Dragon's Rioting's MC replaces Shizune in Naruto)

Dragons Rioting x DxD (or Sekirei or any series with a lot of hot women in it)

and more!

Now if only I was good enough at writing...

Important story telling process questions:

1. What does your hero want? (Goals)

2. Who/What stands in their way? (Obstacles)

3. What happens if they don't get it? (Stakes)

4. Why now? (Time/Situation)


1. Who is it about?

2. What did they want?

3. Why can't they get it?

4. What did they do about it?

5. Why doesn't that work?

6. How does it end?

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