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Name: Alex

Sex: Female

Age: ...like I'm really going to tell you?

Hometown: Houston, TX

Likes: Anything to do with Sonic and pals, brotherly bonds between Sonic and Shadow or Sonic and Scourge, writing fan-fictions

Dislikes: Being called short, people who call Shadow "Emo" and GUN in general

About me: I like some of the characters from the Sonic series, but my top two are Scourge, and Shadow. My personality is somewhat like Shadow's, or at least that's what my friend, TheUnrulyWerehog, says so that's why she calls me "Shads" or "Shidesu", which is just "Shads" in Japanese. I'm a loner, but sometimes I DO like hanging out with my friends, but most of the time, I'll keep to myself.

News: Until further notice, I will not be updating "Snow White Queen" because I don't want to risk it being deleted due to some scenes I had planned for it, and "Family" is going to be discontinued due to lack of ideas for it.

More News: I've been really busy with college lately, so I haven't been able to write as often as I can. Sorry for lack of updates!

LAST UPDATE: (wow, has it really been over 2 years since I last updated this thing?) I will no longer be writing fanfiction. I'm sorry this took too long to do, but after several virus attacks on my laptop deleting all the drafts I had and tried to recover, I just lost all motivation to continue anything. HOWEVER. If you would like to adopt and continue one of my old works, just ask in PMs, and if they haven't already been taken, I will give you permission. I'm interested in seeing how you guys would add to them.

Favorite Characters:

Scourge The Hedgehog (He's Sonic The Hedgehog at his FULL potential!)

Shadow The Hedgehog (He's awesome and so f*ing badass!)

Mephilles The Dark (Only because he kills Sonic)

Sonic The Werehog (He's a freaking werewolf! What's not to like?)

Maria Robitnik (She's Shadow's first friend)

Charatcers I HATE:

Chris Thorndyke (Annoying whiny kid that needs to die)

Amy (Same as Chris)

The GUN Commander (He's the one who initiated the ARK Raid so it's his fault Maria's dead)

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