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UPDATE: 12/14/15

Officially stating this account as dead/inactive. I'm saving this username though so others won't parade around as me again. Like said before I moved accounts and I can now be found at miijuku

UPDATE: 12/11/15

It's been three years since I've done anything on this account. The main reason being that I moved from this to another and then from that one. Truthfully, I've gone through several accounts over the years as my interests (and maturity) have changed significantly. My current account can be found under the name miijuku as well as most of all my social media sites.

As far as my two 'ongoing' stories here go I will not be continuing them. My Shugo Chara story will definitely not be continued at anytime in the future at all and thus I am setting as 'complete.' The gaasaku Cinderella story I am aware that it has been under 'revamping' for years (again), but the chances of me actually doing that are pretty much nil to none. For that to happen the entire thing would have to be scrapped and rewritten and I frankly do not have the time for that.

The reason this account has not yet been deleted is because I know that while I personally have moved beyond these older works of time quite a few other people like them still. If anything, there may be a possibility of moving the stories from this account over to my other, but that's still being debated.

Old profile stuff below

I usually like to write in the romance, friendship, humor genres, but recently I have taken a liking to the adventure, drama, and a bit into the horror genres. Which is ironic because I don't watch dramas and I get scared really easily, but life works in funny ways. So I will be writing those as well. My writing style is typically very detailed. I try not to go too detailed because otherwise I'd get tired easily writing it and you the reader will probably get bored reading it. I know that I can get pretty bored reading super detailed, and too lengthy stories and chapters. I do like long chapters but if they are too long it gets real boring real fast. So I keep my chapters at a pretty decent length; sometimes a short chapter here and a really long chapter there, but averagely the same length. I also like to plan my stories out pretty far ahead first before I start writing and I also like to type up a few chapters before I start publishing. That way I can work on later chapters and not worry about keeping the readers waiting and have regular updates. So there are sometimes when their are large breaks in-between updates and story publishing because I may need to type out a few more chapters or I am planning ahead for a story. So be patient please.

Current Story Status

A Different Type of Cinderella Story- Last Update: 2/10/11- Currently Revamping! (going really slow sorry)

Bored- Posted: 1/27/11- ONE SHOT

A Story For Every Star- Last Update: 7/9/11- HIATUS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE

Slipped On Love- Posted: 2/21/10- ONE SHOT

Closer With Separation- Posted: 2/5/10- ONE SHOT

Up-Date: 11/6/11
I'M NOT DEAD! I've just been stressing out over my grades. (stupid honors classes) So I've been trying to get them up slightly. As for my stories I'm sorry, but I did remove a few because they were horrible. I want to re-write them though I"m having trouble finding the time to do it. Also I have about a third of the next chapter of 'A Different Type of Cinderella Story' and 'A Stoy For Every Star', but I'm having trouble concentrating. Anyway I've recently become an even bigger Harry Potter Fanatic than I was before so I'm working on a few different Harry Potter fics. So yeah, I'm not dead I promise!

Up-Date: 5/17/12
...Still not dead, but I am really sorry for no updates in a LONG time! I have been struggling with my school studies I haven't touched my fanfiction stories in forever! I'm really sorry! I will try to work, but inspiration is not coming to me! I am sorry. I will try to post something soon! But don't leave me!... Moscow is lonely. D: (I don't actually live in Moscow lol)

Up-Date: 7/12/12
Not dead. I posted an new semi-chapter/Very Important Author note to my Naruto story. Please read it if you can. I will try to update soon! Have faith in me!

Up-Date: 10/11/12
Not dead, but busy. Basically I've been sick, stacked with homework, and busy getting ready for a convention I'm going to soon.

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