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Terrible Summaries PM
Joined Nov '21

Hey, it's me, Terrible Summaries.

What, you want an actual profile? Fine.

Don't even know what to put here, honestly. All I do is vaguely summarize fanfic chapters in a way that leaves you with more questions than answers.

My main goal, after all, is to confuse the hell out of people scanning fic reviews to determine if they're going to read it or not. Just read the damn thing and see if you like it, stop wasting your time by being picky.

Either way, this account's pretty much pointless in the grand scheme of things, and you're better off doing pretty much anything but reading my questionable reviews. I say 'pretty much' because, well, I suppose falling down a flight of stairs filled with pointy needles isn't in anybody's to do list now, is it?

I'll stop wasting your time now. Please stop spying on my profile.

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