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My middle name is Melissa and i prefer that to my actual name (sorry mother and father)

This will be where I publish stories that are a window into my brain so I apologise in advance.

My fandoms

- Twilight (team Edward though was a dick in Eclipse but he did just get Bella back)

- How to Train Your Dragon (still say that the dragons shouldn't have left for the Hidden World. We needed to see Toothless helping Zephyr and Nuffink to walk)

- Miraculous (before you go and say its a kids show, it was before the creators aged up the plotline because of the audience)

- and some other book series which I won't list because there is a lot (no, there is a lot)

Let's get one thing straight. My mind is so dirty, it caused the Great Stink of 18-something-something. Literally. Anyways I'm extremely dirty minded

I also use some distinguished vocabulary (- there was some right there) so I apologise for that

I will try and update stories often but I can't make any promises.

I've babbled on enough and I don't think anyone actually reads these but anyways, enjoy reading

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