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Hmm...what to say, what to say...meh, might as well go with the usual stuff.

About Me

Pen Name: Lloyd Redgrave
A.K.A.: Epitome-of-Foresight (for all you DeviantArt users out there)
Real Name: like I'd say that...
Gender: Male
Age: somewhere between 18 and 74 (cough almost 21 cough)
Hometown: a big-little city in the Pacific NW known as Spokane. And yes, people in Seattle always ask, "Where's Spokane?"
About the Profile Picture: Lo and behold: Frost the Hedgehog! And in his Super Form, no less: I call him, "Hyper Frost". :P
The Almighty Update (!!): 11/25/2009 - Whoo! College is almost over for the quarter, so I'll most likely come up with an idea...hopefully (XD). I'm currently working on the Inferno Arc's next chapter, though I've hit some sort of a roadblock at the moment; other than that, I'll be going over the other two stories I have started and tweak a few things for clarity as best as possible.

Favorite anime/manga

Ghost in the Shell
.hack//SIGN & Roots
Wolf's Rain
Devil May Cry
Vampire Hunter D
and the list is growing...

Favorite video games

Legend of Zelda (the original to Twilight Princess)
Metroid (all of them)
Final Fantasy (VII,VIII, and X mainly)
most Blizzard games (Diablo, Warcraft, Starcraft, etc.)
Tales of (insert name here)
Kingdom Hearts I & II
.hack (original games and G.U.)
Devil May Cry (the original, still haven't played the 4th)
Sonic the Hedgehog (the first one and onward)
and this list is growing too...

Books I'm working on

Final Fantasy VII: Second Account - the first fic I've written in well over five years, still connecting the pieces. (Currently on hiatus)
Final Fantasy VII: Xth Generation - the prequel to FF7: Second Account. (Currently on hiatus, much like its sequel)
Gateway to Utopia - my first .hack fic. (Currently on hiatus as well)
The Frozen Chronicles - my first Sonic the Hedgehog fic; it will be made up of five parts (a.k.a. "Arcs"). Starts with a few SatAM settings, goes into some of the games (Sonic 2, Sonic 3, and Sonic & Knuckles), then into a universe of my creation (scary thought, huh?); will have OCs (most of them much later). Here are the Arcs that are planned out thus far (note: these are the official spoilers, so don't read 'em if you don't want to ruin the suspense! :P:

Inferno - The first Arc; it gives a brief look at the escape of Robotnik's two hedgehog specimens (and my first two OCs for the story), Alias and Miles/Frost, as well as their respective changes: Frost becoming a Freedom Fighter, and Alias taking a much darker path.
Chaos - The second Arc; this is where Sonic 2/Sonic 3/Sonic & Knuckles come into play, and Frost's hometown and past are explained a bit more in-depth. More OCs are briefly introduced in this Arc as well.
Exile - The third Arc; takes place six years after the Chaos Arc: a Robian mass-exile is in the making, and Frost is caught in the middle as the harbinger of this new age. More OCs are introduced, and a new threat emerges from its hibernation as well. (Note: this is where my universe begins, for those who are wondering :P)
Reunion - The fourth Arc; an army of Robians is on the loose - led by the once-world-renowned Dr. Blank Hedgehog - and the mass-exile is only making the chance of overcoming this threat slimmer. There are rumors of this army housing a secret weapon, and it becomes the main focus of the Freedom Fighters.
Nightmare - The fifth Arc; takes place three years after the Reunion Arc: Alias is set loose upon the world, and Frost is at the forefront of the battle for Mobius. Lives have been lost, many more have been changed - some for the better, others for worse - and the changes are far from over. There is one question on everyone's minds now: when will the nightmare end?

My OCs Thus Far
(Note: even more spoilers abound!)

Michael Lochs - Lieutenant 1st Class; official leader and brains behind the Children's Militia Section 13, as well as close friends with those within the group. His father was the lead researcher for the Mako-DNA fusion process used on all CM operatives and SOLDAT members, though he never really got to know the man. He is the stereotypical ladies' man at heart, but can be very calculating and cruel in a fight. Did I mention that he's a pyro? ...Thought so...
Rollin Howell - Sergeant 2nd Class; the main protagonist of the story and a member of CM Section 13. He is one of the two siblings in a family of ten that is still living, the others either killed through parasitic infection or through military operations, and has adopted the members of Section 13 as surrogate siblings. A "living history book" as Michael had once put it, he has incredible memory recollection, but has a somewhat difficult time talking to others and lets his emotions control his actions when in a fight.
Angela Druik - Sergeant 3rd Class; the sniper of the group. Is a very outgoing woman with an almost uncanny knack of knowing what a person is thinking/feeling, and has developed a strong connection with Rollin.
Jack Hellgun - Lieutenant 3rd Class; one of the only members of CM Section 13 who relies on hand-to-hand combat and melee range weapons almost religiously, and is a demon when fighting with such. Cocky with a capital "C", but also very protective of those he considers his family, surrogate or blood-related.
Lloyd Shin-Ra - Sergeant 3rd Class; the only living member of the Shin-Ra family, was originally a member of the Cyphian Rebels' elite squad before running into Rollin. Is very contemplative, although this trait is twisted into a cold, calculating demeanor when his daggers are in-hand.
Drammer Zhanet - Sergeant 1st class; the mechanical genius and engineer of CM Section 13. The stereotypical "infantryman" of the group only by weapon preference, he can handle the most secure computers, mainframes, servers, or anything else technical as if they were nothing. He has developed a big-brother mentality where Angela is concerned, and is extremely laid-back.

Gateway to Utopia
Kojima Hiro/Zol - A sixteen-year-old orphan who was raised by his grandparents (now deceased), and lives in Sapporo, Hokkaido on his own. He is considered a genius by his teachers (and is a year away from graduation because of said genius), and is tormented daily by most of the kids in his classes. Not very outgoing but kind-hearted, he has a healthy hatred of bullies and is more than willing to stick up for a stranger in need. He is the main protagonist of the story, and is currently in league with the Twilight Brigade thanks to Shino's intervention.

The Frozen Chronicles
Dr. Blank Hedgehog - A former colleague of Sir Charles Hedgehog (though he had not much to do with the Roboticizer's creation), he aided Dr. Ivo Robotnik in his plans of taking over Mobotropolis and now works as Robotnik's head scientist in the Experimental Roboticization Division alongside his old friend, Argus the Fox. He naturally tries to stay three steps ahead of anyone's and everyone's plans, and has a superiority streak thanks to his position. Now fully roboticized, he serves Robotnik unerringly... or does he? He is able to manipulate and summon shadows using Chaos energy.
Argus the Fox - Blank's colleague and old friend, he was assigned to work in the Experimental Roboticization Division. He quickly became an uncle of sorts to Miles during this time, and had a hand in the young hedgehog's second escape from Robotropolis. A very compassionate and foresight-driven Mobian, he is now fully roboticized much like Blank, but has no connection with Chaos energy.
Alias "Flare" Hedgehog - Blank's oldest son, he is very reserved when it comes to meeting new people and has a knack of being rash in his decision-making. Has an extreme protective streak where his "Little Bro" is concerned, even going as far as destroying anyone in his path in a blind rage. He has been mostly roboticized, and who knows how much of his former personality is left... He can summon and manipulate fire using Chaos energy.
Miles "Frost" Hedgehog - Blank's youngest son, he can be very outgoing at times, but is extremely quiet and focused when on a mission. He looks up to his "Big Bro" much like any younger sibling would, and is a speed-demon much like said older sibling (save for having a knack for tripping over his own feet by accident, especially when barefoot) though he isn't capable of reaching supersonic speeds. He was partially roboticized upon his return to Robotropolis, but managed to escape thanks to Argus' intervention and is now a Freedom Fighter. He can summon ice (and manipulate water to a point) using Chaos energy.
Raijin "Tank" Echidna - A good friend of Miles, he grew up in the only orphanage in the hedgehog's hometown of Madeo. He's a very easygoing, talkative echidna and is a bit thick-skulled, but knows when to get serious. He can also be the most loyal ally one can find, as evident by the number of bruises and broken bones that anyone earns when they mess with those he considers friends. He has some control over earth using Chaos energy, but has no real way to bring out such potential as of yet. (A/N: I know it's an allusion to FF8 , and yes: I chose that name for a reason... you'll see why eventually... :P)
Leo "Gyro" Wolf - One of Alias' very few former friends; like Tank, he grew up in Madeo's orphanage and eventually became a somewhat friend of Miles. Being the thinker of the Madeo Freedom Fighters - as well as the oldest member and their leader - he is the polar opposite of Alias, always making sure that they have a sound plan before jumping headlong into a pile of SWATbots. Because of his intellectual nature, he prefers to let others get up-close-and-personal while he uses explosives and other weapons of the sort. He has no connection with Chaos energy.
Matheus "Squall" Hedgehog - Another old friend of Miles and a resident of the Madeo orphanage for most his life. Unlike Tank, he's very reserved in his speaking yet will make a point when necessary, is very calm, collected, and focused when it comes to a mission or any other kind of business, and can come off as cold at times. To those who have broken past the cold exterior, however, he is the occasional prankster and joker of the group (but this side only shows up very rarely). He can summon and control powerful wind currents using Chaos energy, though said powers are dormant. (A/N: yeah, I know, another FF8 allusion... XD)

Procrastinators unite! ...Tomorrow.

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