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I'm a newbie to Fanfic:). I followed a link from a Twilight subreddit. I thought I was just going to check out the one story. A few months later- I'm blown away and devouring Twilight fanfics. I'm In awe of this amazing community and beautiful incredible story telling . I love that authors share so freely , support each other and ask for feedback. I was way too overwhelmed/intimidated to review at first but, I'm trying to embrace it- I TRULY appreciate the work and heart that went into these works. I have shoulder/ arm injury so it hurts to text reviews and I am am an over thinker so rewrite a review a bazillion times and delete because I write so much and I'm trying to edit a long paragraph down to sentence lol. Please forgive me if I don't review every chapter. My arm will heal; I'll be able to review more eventually. I'm a married Momma in her mid 40s in Texas. I love science fi fantasy romance as my escape and relaxation. I laugh at that because Y'all have me reading way late into the night when I should be sleeping for work . What else- I love HEA. I'm team Edward and Bella and Canon couples (but, damn some y'all have me reconsidering lol but then I always go back to E & B).

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