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Salutations! My name is Callista. I love Power Rangers, The Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew,(the new movie was awesome!!) and writing. I really do suck at summaries, but oh well, I can't let that bother me. I'm probably younger than you think. But then, that's why I am not that good at stories. The Hardy Boys manga are awesome. Go to a library and see for yourself!! I personally liked the books and the Undercover Brothers. It was fun...

I like Iola Morton, and I felt bad because she died in the episodes later on. I really, think Vannesa is great too, but I want more details about her. My stories so far has Joe and Iola. When I know more, then I'll think about writing with Vanessa. :-). Also, Callie and Frank rocks!!

You know:

If you think my story sucks, or my story is just grand, send a review! IT REALLY helps. I looked at other great authors and they have a lot of reviews, negative and positive.. I so far have only 2 reviews! Oh, thank you PrincessaFang and Iola Morton. It really helped a lot. Unlike some people... I could really use tips from really good authors...


Heartbroken Callista

PS- Oh look!! Sexy Bookworm sent a review!! My hero!! -Flutter eyes-

I really wish people who are good at stories will give me a boost!!

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