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Hey there are you tired of seeing the same shit with every damn fanfics. where doing the same crap such as

Harem, Gamer power or some other bullshit, title's description that goes " will he survive the world we don't know next time on Dr- pairing undecided, Harem, OP" type shit, or those damn crossover type fics that re-age the main character to their youth and end up in Gorman school for Godamn no reason who literary has experience and skill but is either they get their ass handed by character who literally stronger than them, or end up in a goddamn harem.

yea that type of shit you see on this site. But worry not there are good crossover out there.

Well luckily for you you come to the right guy! My friend. Come and browse my list of fics. If you don't know what to pick from here I highly recommend:

Wolves That Walks Alone

Remnants of Gold Gear

By TheManThatWalksTheAbyss115

Next stop! is ...

The Hunter Amongst Villains

By i4md347h

I highly recommend following these following rare writers for their hard working for their story, these is one of most unique story to exist on this website.

there more fics like I know like Requim of remnant by The Black Mage Phantoms. Well that's it and thank you for browsing

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