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WARNING I'm a horrible writer, I enjoy literal torture way to much, and I'm a sucker for Dadzawa. Clintasha nuts can go meet my Spanish class in hell. Say hi to Barney the Purple Dinosaur while you're there, he'll be hanging with good ol' Saint Nick and Endevawhore. Hisashi might be around somewhere.

Random Questions I Feel Compelled to Ask, Random Comments, and Also Random Ideas. PM me with answers, questions, or comments of your own.

1) Why are the only people I find hot either anime or animated?

2) Someone mistakes me for the opposite gender and it makes me weirdly happy, what does this mean? I seriously can't figure it out.

3) Islands are the opposite of lakes.

4) Someone should remake Avatar and the Last Airbender, but everybody is a veggietales style melon.

5) A meme/vine/tiktok binge a day keeps the depression away. kind of.

6) I got this from SilvermistAnimeLover and loved it to much. When life gives you lemons, make grape juice and let the world wonder how you did it.

7) I aM a TimelOrd, EveRy tEn yeaRs mY SkeleTon reGenerAtes.

9) I was driving past a construction site and I lost my shit cause I thought I saw the TARDIS... it was a portapotty.

10) If I ate human flesh, what other meat would it taste most similar to? I'm thinking beef, it's a fattier meat and the muscle composition is fairly similar to ours, so...

11) I live with my mom and my four younger siblings, and my mom doesn't like me swearing in front of them. So I learned how to swear in Greek and Irish Gaelic so no one would know I was swearing. When she asked what I said I told her it was a random word that popped in my head. She believed me.

12) My youngest brother calls walkie talkies, wacko tackos and nobody has the heart to tell him what they're actually called because it's so fucking adorable.

13) Morning people are gross.

14) Why the fuck do some people get to go to sleep 30 minutes after they go to bed! That shit takes me all night!

15) I made a dad joke on accident the other day, I was way too proud.

16) Fun word, Phishing!

17) Backyardigans is one of my favorite shows. Still.

18) Another fun word, defenestration.


20) Me, writing down random words trying to make it look like I'm working

21) If you know me in real life, don't show anything to my mom.

22) guava

23) You know something's wrong when you're asked to describe yourself and the first thing that comes to mind is "A lazy bitch who's way to morbid and falls asleep in trees." yeah... I actually do fall asleep in trees.

24) Fun story, I got my schedule for my second semester, only one period changed, gym. Instead of health I had Intro to Fitness B, but I look at the room number and it just says 'gym' and that's fine until you realize my school has four gyms. I never did make it to class that day.

25) Shrek x Jesus smut fic: *exists*

Me: *dies of laughter*

26) My older sister was explaining what depression was to my younger sister while I sat silently and watched, because words are hard. She was explaining how people with depression have little to no energy for non-dopamine releasing activities and way more energy for things they enjoy, but she said something along the lines of, "Your brain doesn't have enough happy chemicals, so brain is sad. Brain wants happy chemicals and only wants to preform happy chemical things like the little rat brain it is."


28) I had a classmate who once had a discussion about domestic terrorism in every class, without him saying anything about the topic.

29) I space off, a lot. I was once in class with my earbuds in, spacing out and i looked up. the teacher seemed like she was talking so I paused my music and started to pay attention. She had been talking for at least five minutes about a school shooting and crying while I was listening to a song about drugs and reading manga.

30) frijoles

31) NF makes me sleepy, why?

32) Have you ever heard the song Wrecked by Imagine Dragons? Well sing that song, about your childhood innocenc

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