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Hello, internet,

I am a writer who writes mostly in the Worm fandom, though I may branch out as I please later. I know a lot of you asked if I post on WebNovel. I do not and likely never will. If you see any of my works on there, please take a few seconds to report, it really helps me out.

Current Stories

Legendary Tinker (Worm/Runeterra)

When is a Spoon a Sword? (Pokemon)

Plan? What Plan? (Worm)

A Colorful Life (Worm/Pokemon) *This is available as a quest on Akun.

God? Devil? Fuck that. I'm gonna be a bunny (Campione/Crossovers) *This is available as a quest on Akun.


I appreciate any form of criticism so long as you tell me why. "I don't like X," is fine, but I prefer "I don't like X because narratively..."

Update Schedule (Updated December 2022)

I used to write a full arc per month of ~50k words and publish them every single month, chapter a day, but I'm going to stop doing that. The reason is that my stories, particularly Legendary Tinker, has gotten far enough along that I have to do a lot of worldbuilding and other background work to even begin to start writing.

When a story begins, there are some predictable beats that I can take. The "character creation" stage if you will. But as the story evolves and develops, more and more background work is necessary to make it work. Writing a full arc in a month eventually becomes impossible and I think those who've seen me work have noticed my drop in publishing rate.

At this point, I'm trying to write ~1-3k words per day on any of my stories or snippets.

Donations and Tips (Updated December 2022)

I have moved from Kofi to Pat-tre-on because it allows me to offer benefits and interactions with my readers. Don't worry, all my crap is free anyway.

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