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I have a challenge for all those who like code geass. The paring will be lelouchxKallen, LelouchxCC, or lelouchxMilly. Nunally may be alive or dead. The basic plot is lelouch who is a master strategist wishes to know how the world works, so when he gets his geass in shinjiku instead of the power of the king, he gets the power of the scientist: The ability to not only know how everything works, but comprehend and utilize this knowledge. Somehow using this power he escapes. This could be using CC as a human shield till he could disarm a royal guard, this could be him using a pipe on the ground to make a bullet richoche into the commander of the royal guard and catching the man's gun as he falls. Lelouch will have the ability to steal a person's geass by comprehending how their brain waves change when activating the geass, but to steal a geass he will have to either 1 kill them and examine their brain (Like sylar from heros) or 2 have it used on him. For ways to give him more geass abilities, you could have CC will still comunicate with VV like in the canon and thus the geass order will attempt to kill him giving him either access to convert them with his complex understanding of the human mind and its emotions or kill them and take their powers. Or perhaps have him team up with mao to search out the order, it would be child's play for lelouch to learn how to use mao's geass and discover a way to return him to sanity after a brush with insanity himself; to facilitate this team up maybe CC could return to the order and lelouch will team up with mao after making him feel like brothers since CC abandoned both of them. Please Review if you decide to take the challenge for i would love to read it.

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