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My pen name is Proginoskes, but even though no user with that name is found by searching for it, the system claims there is. :Shrug: There must be some mechanism to prevent people from taking as a pen name the exact name of a known character: I stole mine from Madeleine L'Engle's most excellent novel A Wind in the Door. I unfortunately couldn't cram enough eyes and wings onto my avatar and still have a comprehensible image when shrunk to avatar size, but the human eye is a photograph of my own.

Unless otherwise noted, everything I post here is available under a cc-by-nc-sa license. For those of you too lazy to follow the link, that string of two-letter codes expands to Creative Commons (cc) Attribution (by) Non-Commercial (nc) Share Alike (sa). The link has details, but the gist is don't make money from my works, say I originally wrote them, and if you base any of your own works on mine, they must be under a license identical to this one. Obviously, (if you actually read 's TOS, that is) FanFiction.Net is exempt from this license, because nonexclusive publishing rights (including commercial rights) to all posted works as long as they are hosted here is embedded in the TOS.

EDIT 8th of March, 2011: I issue a silly challenge to Discworld authors! The following is taken from the Discworld MUD page:

Quote of the Moment
Somehow, trying to get Granny Weatherwax and 'panty raid' into the same
sentence is beyond me.
— (Terry Pratchett, alt.fan.pratchett)

Can you manage what pterry himself cannot?

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