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Hey avid readers!!!!!

This is WanderingGrad, formally known as xMusicGurlx. I'm a graduate student in Psychology and 24 years old. I love this website and everything on it, it has been my faithful companion for many years now. Please review any story that you read on here. I know that some haven't been touched in a very long time but with the right love, then maybe I will find my muse again. So please read and review, any type of review is welcomed whether it be constructive or just plain friendly.

Update: Due to a nasty review left on my Hemlock Grove fanfic, I will be deleting that story along with a majority of others fan fictions I have started over the years. Reviews like the one left to me is what makes individuals lose interest in writing and this website in general. I don't know when I will start writing again, but shit like that is what pisses me off and makes me want to stop writing all together. This website, along with the other websites that focus on fanfiction, are here for readers and writers to enjoy the stories and for writers to further improve their writing abilities. Its a shame there are people out there who want to shit over that concept.

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