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I try to keep an open mind while reading but, every so often I'll run across a Mpreg and I'll draw a thick line. I just don't understand where it came from. As a man I can't even begin to understand what must go through these peoples head. Not only is this whole thing utterly wrong, it has no chance in happening. Since its mostly what is known as a Fangirl that writes these things, let me ask you this, why is it so hard for you to accept that men do not get pregnant.

Another thing that strikes a cord is yoai or whatever its called. The main reason being that a lot of it involves characters that aren't gay. It takes away from the character no matter what. The thing is, the character doesn't see members of the same sex that way. Its like they can't have any friends of the same sex without being gay! It just irritating to know that people can't have friends for the sake of having friends.

Fanboys however can be just as annoying if not more so. Harems in and of itself is possibly the worst way to go. What a harem does is it focuses way more on screwing every girl than the actual story, and that just makes the story look like crap. I also think it furthers the stereotype on men and makes women seem foolish. Even though its just a story I think it reflects bad on both genders. So any Fanboys reading this, do me a favor and keep your wet dreams in your bed.

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