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Just a writer obsessed with vampires... you know, a totally normal person. Super regular. Definitely nothing unusual about me at all.

Any fic I start I have the intention to finish.

I suffer from depression and sometimes it gets difficult to finish a chapter. Inspiration is necessary for me to produce anything akin to quality. Im not about to immortalize garbage so sometimes I need a little longer to release a chapter.

Edward's Human- I'm getting very close to finishing this one. It's currently the only one I can focus on.

Same girl- honestly, I hit a wall plot-wise and I'm trying to noodle my way out of it. I will finish this story, but the original ending I planned is now lost.

Additionally stories currently mulling around in my brain are Jasper/Bella... maybe Peter/Bella.

I just can't write Edward like that. He's cute and all, but I'll leave Edward lemons to Edward fans. Personally I can't stop myself from trying to save all the horses.

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