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78 Ever Lasting Rulers of Tempest » by R0tatcid The tale of a boy who wanted to become Hokage instead becomes the ruler of a nation of monsters, along with a small child he adopted. Who knew this would be easier than running a hidden village. Why are ninja so pretentious? Sure this job was worse but somehow easier. (Lots of Isekai references and other minor X-over characters)
Naruto & Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken/転生したらスライムだった件, T, English, Humor & Adventure, chapters: 12, words: 99k+, favs: 317, follows: 321, updated: 12h published: 3/8/2022, [Naruto U., Shuna, Hinata S.]
4k+ Team Light » by CMXB A group of heroes are sent to the world of Hueco Mundo while they were on a journey, they will now have to be appart in a war with beings they didn't know about but it's about to get a whole lot crazier.
X-overs & Bleach, M, English, Adventure & Humor, chapters: 956, words: 1287k+, favs: 127, follows: 109, updated: 18h published: 3/10/2021
365The Dragon and The Cat » by PathOfTheDragon02 What if after the Tower of Heaven incident Natsu and Millianna started dating, and the cat-loving girl got pregnant just before the S-Class Trial? This is a "Natsu doesn't go to Tenrou Island" story, though I do not intend to have a harem or OP Natsu. He will be stronger than canon (seven more years of training and all), but he will still struggle against strong foes. First fic.
Fairy Tail, M, English, Adventure & Humor, chapters: 86, words: 211k+, favs: 543, follows: 605, updated: 1/29 published: 3/7/2021, [Millianna, Natsu D.]
111World of Light: Champions Of Light and Shadow » by Moogle Empress Left alone as the only survivor after Galeem decimated their whole universe and his friends devoured by Galeem's light, Kirby is determined to go and save them from Galeem's clutches. As fate would have it though, thirteen stars were summoned beyond the rift of space and time and brought into this remaining world for reasons unknown. The journey to defeat Galeem has begun.
Super Smash Brothers, K+, English, Adventure & Friendship, chapters: 18, words: 139k+, favs: 95, follows: 91, updated: 1/19 published: 10/20/2021
317 Naruto Believe Yourself » by CMXB A new warrior is called to the Elemental Nations to help against the Akatsuki, he will bring the potential of humanity with him and be the savior of light.
Naruto & Kamen Rider, M, English, Adventure & Fantasy, chapters: 66, words: 106k+, favs: 171, follows: 141, updated: 1/18 published: 12/6/2019, [Tayuya, OC] Shouichi T./Agito
159 Fairy Tail: War Beyond Worlds » by The 3rd dragneel The Multiverse is vast, with unlimited possibilities. However, what if one of these worlds broke the code and is slowly beginning to grow out of control? The Overseers of the Multiverse have decided to activate the Champion Initiative. The question is: will these Champions be able to save the Multiverse? Crossworld pairings, altered Fairy Tail Canon.
X-overs & Fairy Tail, T, English, Adventure & Fantasy, chapters: 18, words: 166k+, favs: 115, follows: 113, updated: 1/15 published: 7/21/2019, Erza S., Gray F., Natsu D., Wendy M.
1k+ Miraculous Dive Into the Mirror » by CMXB A young man wished to be a hero like the Kamen Riders, so he was sent to a new world in France to help Ladybug and Cat Noir against the evil of Hawkmoth, he got happy in getting his wish and now Henshin.
Kamen Rider & Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir, T, English, Adventure & Fantasy, chapters: 143, words: 303k+, favs: 331, follows: 308, updated: 1/12 published: 11/17/2019, [OC, Alya C./Lady Wifi/Rena Rouge, Rose L./Princess Fragrance] Shinji K./Ryuki
164Total Drama Mutant Mayhem » by V.I.S.I.O.N-K.I.N.G When a mystery wealthy man called Mr. X brings contestants of Total Drama to star in his own series. They learn it's no contest, they must endure & make a living around Mutant life. The Rewards are BIG. Even better, some may get a chance to get Mutant Powers! But what secret mysterious are hidden? And what dangers await outside other contestants? Welcome All - To X-Island!
Total Drama series, T, English, Adventure & Suspense, chapters: 11, words: 429k+, favs: 38, follows: 31, updated: 12/17/2022 published: 9/20/2020
119 Bakugan: Hero Brawlers » by XLR8 The Fox When Bakugan appeared in the world of Quirks, many things had changed, including Izuku's destiny, as he journeys to become the next Number 1 Hero, he also must help his new Bakugan partner, Drago, save the Bakugan world, join Izuku and Drago as they save their worlds in Bakugan: Hero Brawlers! (Hope you enjoy)
Bakugan Battle Brawlers & My Hero Academia/僕のヒーローアカデミア, T, English, Adventure & Sci-Fi, chapters: 14, words: 93k+, favs: 214, follows: 228, updated: 12/7/2022 published: 12/28/2020
1k+ The Nobody of Ever After High » by Cloud4012 All Roxas wanted was to exist, once he merged with Sora he thought his journey was over. Now he is pulled into a world where the children of fairy tales can choose their destiny. Will this Nobody finally find what he is looking for and what surprises will this new life have for him? Roxas has faced many challenges, but Ever After High is nothing like anything he's ever faced.
Kingdom Hearts & Ever After High, T, English, Fantasy & Humor, chapters: 132, words: 779k+, favs: 600, follows: 575, updated: 11/28/2022 published: 1/19/2018, Roxas
457 Power Rangers Hero Force » by GokuMuto Tommy Oliver was about to die from old age and wanted to keep the legacy of the Power Rangers alive. So he sends his Master Morpher to another world to find a worthy successor and build a new team. Now watch as a new generation of heroes rises up to fight against evil.
Power Rangers & My Hero Academia/僕のヒーローアカデミア, K, English, Adventure & Friendship, chapters: 25, words: 315k+, favs: 411, follows: 391, updated: 11/26/2022 published: 6/12/2021, Tommy O., Izuku M., OC
4 Tiny Toons Academia : ACME's Justice » by Asperger Hero The ACME Looniversity students are now part of Class 1-A, follows your favorites of MHA and Tiny Toons heroes into wacky (mis)adventures. Just like in Academy of the Omniverse, the chapters will be based on requests.
Tiny Toon Adventures & My Hero Academia/僕のヒーローアカデミア, K+, English, Humor & Adventure, chapters: 7, words: 10k+, favs: 5, follows: 3, updated: 11/14/2022 published: 2/16/2022, Elmyra Duff, Montana Max, OC, 1-A Students
162 Scooby-Doo Meets Courage The Cowardly Dog (Original Series) » by vakarns Shaggy and Scooby had decided to take a break from mystery solving to visit Muriel Bagge for the summer, expecting to relax. Well not in Nowhere they're not. They meet Courage who is just as cowardly as the duo are, and must worked to together to keep Muriel and themselves safe as crazy stuff happens in Nowhere. (Note: Reediting all chapters.)
Scooby Doo & Courage: The Cowardly Dog, K, English, Friendship & Humor, chapters: 88, words: 388k+, favs: 41, follows: 33, updated: 10/28/2022 published: 7/15/2021, Shaggy, Scooby Doo, Courage
54 The Ridonculous Race: Cartoon Crossover (Season 2) » by ZNBT Don is back with a brand new season. And with a new season comes new teams. Join 24 brand new teams as they traverse across the multiverse for a shot at winning one million dollars. Join us for all the excitement and drama. This is, The Ridonuclous Race: Cartoon Crossover: Season 2.
Cartoon X-overs & Total Drama series, T, English, Humor & Parody, chapters: 21, words: 172k+, favs: 15, follows: 11, updated: 9/19/2022 published: 8/10/2021, Don
13 Prehistoric Park: A Wild Kratts Adventure » by Stegosaurus1412 There is something missing in our world: the amazing animals that time has left behind. But what if we could bring them back? What if extinction didn't have to be forever? Join Martin, Chris, and Nigel Marven as they travel back in time to rescue creatures on the brink of extinction, and give them a second chance in the ultimate wildlife sanctuary. Welcome to Prehistoric Park...
Wild Kratts & Prehistoric Park, K+, English, Adventure & Sci-Fi, chapters: 2, words: 16k+, favs: 15, follows: 9, updated: 9/10/2022 published: 3/9/2022, Chris K., Martin K.
5Sonic The Hedgehog: The Wrath Of Zenn » by V.I.S.I.O.N-K.I.N.G The war against the Eggman Empire was over, but a new foe rises for conquest & turn everyone into Zen-Monsters. None are safe against the Emperor of Evil: Lord Zenn! Such dark magic, Sonic must rally those that can fight & assemble the chosen champions. The battle won't be easy, against transformed friends & GIANT Size Opponents! And is Sticks The Badger right in the head?
Sonic the Hedgehog, K+, English, Supernatural & Adventure, chapters: 6, words: 47k+, favs: 8, follows: 5, updated: 8/21/2022 published: 12/11/2021
37Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix » by Autonomous Ultra Instinct For years, four friends thought about leaving the Destiny Islands, but a sudden chain reaction of events had propelled them toward an adventure of unfathomable proportions. With new friends and new enemies on the horizon, even one enemy rumored to be linked to these events, you never know who you'll run into next.
Kingdom Hearts, K+, English, Adventure & Supernatural, chapters: 19, words: 77k+, favs: 41, follows: 33, updated: 8/2/2022 published: 3/28/2020, [Sora, Kairi] [Riku, OC]
52 Kir-Ben 10: Poyo Force! » by omnimegalander The young Star Warrior Kirby ends up crash landing on a planet called Earth due to the forces of the evil Nightmare. Found by the Omnitrix wielder Ben Tennyson and his date Julie, he becomes the couple's unofficial son. However, with the threat of the Highbreed and Nightmare drawing near, they, alongside the mysterious Meta Knight, must fight them to save the universe from evil.
Kirby & Ben 10, T, English, Adventure & Family, chapters: 6, words: 46k+, favs: 83, follows: 75, updated: 7/4/2022 published: 11/23/2020, [Ben T., Julie Y.] Kirby, Meta-Knight
935 Jaune and Courage the Cowardly Dog (complete) » by vanquish356 All his life, Jaune wanted to have adventures. But after getting expelled from Beacon and disowned by his parents, he thought he would never be able to have that kind of that is, until he is taken in by an elderly couple with a pink dog. Now he is going to have what he always wanted. Adventures. Just not the type he thought. But at least he has a courageous dog by his side.
Courage: The Cowardly Dog & RWBY, T, English, chapters: 102, words: 479k+, favs: 434, follows: 396, updated: 7/1/2022 published: 4/28/2021, Courage, Jaune A.
51Ben 10 retold » by MiracleKing64 what if Lucy joined, Ben, Gwen and Max for the summer how would the story turn out with her involvement? this story will follow close to the canon story and i will try to make it as different as possible, and expect crossovers in this story as well
Ben 10, T, English, chapters: 5, words: 43k+, favs: 126, follows: 140, updated: 6/17/2022 published: 3/4/2022, [Ben T., Lucy M.] Gwen T., Max T.
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