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ok, really bugging me ... breathe & breath ... different. "I can't breathe when he looks at me..." ..."take a breath between your words..."Sorry, just had to say that :p

Nope...I'm not writing anything for fanfic at this time...just enjoying some good stories! ...but not to say that I won't in the future. I have some pretty good plot bunnies dancing around in my head; I just need to get them down.

I have some good stories for Glee listed if you're a Puckleberry fan, a few for My So Called check them out...they're pretty good & mostly rated "M"...

I'm pretty laid back as a rule, but one thing that annoys the crap out of me are writers that start a really, really good story AND DON'T FINISH IT!!! DRIVES ME NUTS!

If any of the afore mentioned peeps (writers) just so happen to read this (yup, probably NOT!), please, please, PLEASE don't NOT finish your stories! Finish the damn thing!! lol God, I can't count the times I start a story, only to realize that the author decided, for whatever godawful reason not to finish it...bunch of shit. Sorry for the profanity...well, not REALLY, but it's just crazy not to finish a good story. If you ask me, & I'd tell ya the same even if you DIDN'T ask me. See, I'm laid back:)

Why do some people say, "Maths" instead of "math"?? They're (they are) is NOT their! ALOT is NOT ONE WORD!! "A lot"...see??!! 2, two, to too...get the idea?? You are = you're, NOT your. OK, sorry, now I'm being petty...but it's my profile & I highly doubt that anyone reads this!! hahaha I'll update more later...

There really are some wonderful writers out there...Thanks for all the wonderful Puckleberry stories!! ...and other pairings too:) Love the Santana/Rachel friendship. Just wish that RM would put Puckleberry & Pezberry friendship on the show!

shite...PEEPS.PLEASE. FINISH. YOUR. DAMN. STORIES! (I know, shut up, right??...but doesn't it bother YOU too??!!)

August: Ok, I'm gonna say this so if you authors are reading this take heed; there are some pretty awesome writers out there (wanted to say that first), but if I see another one say that they won't post their story till they get their reviews, I think I might blow a gasket! Are you serious?! What about the people who are reading & reviewing your stories? Should we be punished? Pisses me off to no end...please don't piss me off. I have lots of respect for anyone, of any age, that gets their stories out there for the masses to read...but come on! JUST STOP IT. PLEASE. START BEING AN ADULT. AND DON'T ASK FOR REVIEWS!! IT'S DEMEANING.

I'm writing the above because this is MY PAGE...PROFILE...AND I CAN WRITE WHAT THE F I WANT!! Only a few read this anyway, & if you ARE reading & you're one of the ones that do any of the above...take a deep breath, look inside yourself & see that I'm right!! lol

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