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I read a lot of fanfics. I'm a lazy person... uhh, Subnatica is my favorite game, Overlord is my go-to stress reliever. Pianoes and Saxes are my favorite instrument. Food? I don't know, I like every type of food. I have 2 friends currently, previously it was like the dozens before the pandemic.

The reason why Zero is my favorite number 1st if you want to go to Zero to One the gap between the two 'numbers' is infinitely more than the infinity, 2nd we managed to create a symbol of nothingness, our puny yet imaginative mind created this symbol of nothingness if we have something in the quantity of 'one' it exists, however, if we perchance to remove it from our mortal perception, then it will become nothing, we nothing of it (Irony), but that thing would never exist again, that is why Zero is my favorite number.

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