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MnGrammaX3 PM
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I have been reading FanFiction for years. I absolutely love Janet Evanovich (Babe all the way).

I have a 15 year old granddaughter, Leah, and used the pen name leahsgramma. Then came granddaughter number 2, Audrey (now 7 years), so i edited my pen name. Then came granddaughter number 3, Camille Margaret (now 4 years) so I totally changed up the pen name!! Came up with: MnGrammaX3 (now i only have to change the number!!)

I work as a respiratory therapist at a local hospital. I love what i do.

I truly appreciate when writers put themselves out there with their stories, and to be honest, i like some of the FanFiction better than what Janet has been writing lately!

My computer doesn't always cooperate with me to let me leave reviews, but I try all the same.

Thanks to all the writers how provide me with many hours of reading pleasure.

Cindy H.

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