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Hi, I'm Supacrazyhazey and I... I'm a Harry-Potter-Holic.

After a worrying brush in with the Twilight Fever a while ago, I'm back on my feet, healthy as a horse, ready to obsess more about Harry Potter! We're currently working on a vaccine, but it appears that small nine year old girls with crushes on Robert Pattinson are immune to it. Nonetheless, it has done it's job on my friends and myself. Woo! Anyways, I'm from this place called New Zealand, and it's a completely different country to Australia. Keeping up? I'll repeat that just in case: NEW ZEALAND is NOT in AUSTRALIA.

After many years of reading Harry Potter Fanfiction, I've decided that yes, I'm actually going to write one! So far, it's going pretty good (Or so I think) but I can't publish it yet, as I tend to write out of order. I'm improving though! I think... :)

So, you still with me? Excellent, though I doubt anyone is actually reading this, but let me dream!

But whatever shall I say now? Hmm. My favourite characters of all time, in Harry Potter, would have to be, and I'm sorry to all those Slytherin-Haters that aren't reading this, but, Severus Snape, Lucius Malfoy and Draco Malfoy are the BOMB DIGGITY. As well as Sirius Black (HE'S ALIVE!), and of course, Gred and Forge! (See, Gryffindors, I'm not all that bad!)

In fact, I recently wrote a short essay in order to convert my friend, Shroomy-Eyes (Check out her L/J fanfictions if you want. Not that you're reading this.) to Sirius! YAY! What? You'd love to read it? Well, if you insist!


Sirius Orion Black; a sexy, sexy, sexy man. His dark floppy locks are far superior to James Potter's scruffy black hedgehoggy mess. His eyes, debatable in colour, (I believe that they are dark brown at this current point in time, whereas you may have decided that they are grey, or blue, perhaps) are rich, smoldering, and most importantly, incredibly sexy. James' eyes, also debatable in colour, are hidden behind nerdy little round glasses. Enough said, yes? Sirius' strong jawline and masculine manliness make him a far higher specimen of the breed that is Man, as opposed to James.

Aside from Sirius' devilish good looks, he is also, yes, hilariously funny and more of a dare devil than his long time best friend, James. While James may be sappily fawning over his one true love, Lily Evans (another sign of a poorly bred Man), Sirius is living it up, and just enjoying the freedom of Life. Due to his devil-may-care attitude, incredibly quick-wittedness, and an unexpectedly high intelligence, Sirius is, once again, just plain better.

In conclusion, we know that Sirius is by far the best of the two young men, as his charming good looks and high maintenance immediately show good breeding, his spontaneousness and humour, along with a superbly smart mind, imply a steady mind (unlike the worrying turmoil of emotions that is James'), and, last but not least, I think we all know he has a thing for tall girls with blue eyes and blonde hair.

By Supacrazyhazey, (No, definitely not a tall girl with blue eyes and blonde hair, where would you get that idea! Heh heh heh...)

I know, it's pretty fantabulous, if I do say so myself. ;)

Oh well, I guess that's me. So... Bye! (To the zero people who read this.)


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