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I have decided to update my profile... Yay for me!! Now that I've gotten that out of my system, where should I began? Well I guess first off I should introduce myself. I'm orionstorm04, but of course you already know that, seeings as though your on my page... :P

I've been writing for a few months now, and I think I'm finally beginning to get the hang of how things work here on .

I started this incredible journey with my first story, Of Mutants and Benders, which will always be my pride and joy. It took me awhile to get the mechanics of writing and posting things on this site down, but obsessiveness would play a major role in my development. It took some time, and a few swift comments from some friends on the site, but with enough time and practice, I persevered.

The next brain child to force its way into my mind, was American Dragon:African Heart. This baby screamed at me until I decided to put pen to pad... or better yet, finger to keyboard, but who cares? I hold this one as close to my heart as I do OMAB.

I've been thinking of adding more stories under my belt, but not entirely sure if I should pick up more than two stories at a time, since I don't want to neglect any of them. But when that glorious day arrive, when I fell as though I can take the weight of one or two more, you guys will be the first to know.

Below is a link to verious moments in both of my stories. Some of these arts were already made long before I even consider writing. While some of them I had commissioned specifically for the fic.


None of the below art is mine. They all belong to their recpetive artisis on deviantart and all props go to them; please visit the links to check out the other cool art the the artist have done.

OF Mutants and benders:

This is a image of N'Dare when she was fighting Psylock in ch. 3. It really is a pic of Storm from x-men but i thought it fit with my story. http:///Image:Africa.jpg

Here is a photo of my upcoming chapter 8! It was graciously done by a friend and fellow memeber of the stormgambit group by the name of Kendrat199, she is also a kick butt writer here on fanfic. This will be then image of when N'Dare was dreaming of Wakanda while it was under attack. I love the detail in coloring that Kendra did. http:///img299/3290/completexy2.jpg

This is a image of Ororo and T'Challa during their wedding. Just a random pic I thought would look nice and give non-xmen readers a little glimpse into the marvel world.This is a happier time in Wakanda before the war and such: http:///news/images/0604/BP18.jpg

Here is a rendition of the final battle in the marvel world. I know some of the characters in the photo aren't necessarily in the chapter but it still a pretty good image to relate to whats going on: http:///illuminatisplash.jpg

This is the outfit that N'Dare recieved in chapter 13. It's influenced by the one Aang wears. http:///art/Another-Airbender-109529555

American Dragon:African Heart:

This an image of Spud and Trixie when they were caught in his room; I chose this one because it was a little more PG so you'll have to use your imagination: http:///art/ADJL-This-Undeniable-Love-45174864

This is an image of what I thought Orianna would look like while using her powers to do some mundane task. As with her mother whenever she used her powers in the first chapter the character's eyes turn comletly white. Give props to the artist they did an extremly good job on this pic. http:///art/Storm-in-white-11079172

This is just a fanart of a more adult Jake; the artist did a superb job: http:///art/American-Dragon-Jake-Long-87025509

This is a photo of what Orianna looked like when she has her Angel wings. ShadowDragon-24 add some coloring to it for me, and by that I mean the hair; shadowdragon your the best!!:


Here is a image of Orianna, how she looked in the chapter 7 post: World Within Worlds. http:///art/On-Angel-s-Wings-103563297

Here is a random pic I had commission of Jake and Orianna from my story American Dragon:African Heart


Another random pic of Jake and Orianna


Okay this isn't a pic that i had commission for this story, but I thought it fit perfectly with it. A photo of Orianna relaxaing in a tree after a long training session.:


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