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so for a while I was going by Usagi no Hana, but I felt that was a little too girly for me, so I changed it. I know I used to sign my reviews with Usagi, but that will sorry if anyone gets a little confused. You may still call me usagi in reviews or pms or whatever, its you choice, but I'll put up a few others u can also call me.

oh one more this, this IS my picture, I took it myself a couple months/years (I don't remember) back, some people may have seen it before, (cause they may be friends stumbling across this, and they don't know its my account haha) so yeah, I took this, my pic...


Name: I go by my middle name for now, Miyuki. Because some of my friend's parent's cant pronounce my name. Too many L's apparently. But if you want you can call me Usagi cause it's still a used nickname.

Age: ...why do you care? OMG!! you STALKER!!

My Beliefs:

Everything that happens in life has a purpose and whats meant to cant change fate...and lets leave it at that...cause you dont really want me to go into a GIANT 7 page long rant about my beliefs...and my reasoning for why I am how I am. (that I dont believe in god ect. ect.) its rather long and once i get started it just keeps going and going and go- you get my point...

Warnings about me...: I am I pyromaniac..I just like fire. And setting things on fire. Small things though, I'm not insane.
I'm also very stubborn...and VERY easy to dislike. ehe. oops. I TRY to be nice though!!!!

Personality: Lazy/ smart? (matter of opinion)/ sadistic/ short-tempered/ & Happy..Im nice...but only if you stay on my good side... I can be very very very scary if you get on my bad side (Muhahahahaha coughhack)

Gender: girl...I don't think I can imagine a guy with either of my user names, current and old. But to each their own.

Favorite Colors: Black, Dark Silver, Blood red, Turquoise, Dark Purple & Royal blue (I kindof like white..)

Favorite Food: ramen & Chocolate...oooh! udon. And I've taken a liking to Pesto. Pesto on pasta and pizza and pita bread.

Hobbies: playing Soccer, reading, playing soccer, singing, eating, sleeping, and did I mention playing soccer? (ha Im a soccer freak..)

Favorite Anime/Manga:

Alice 19th

1/2 Prince

Barajou no Kiss

Biezenghast (Manga)

Heart no Kuni no Alice (Manga and Game, I wanna see the movie!!)


Sengoku Danshi Hana no Ran

Shitsuji-sama no Okiniiri

Shugo Chara (Manga Only)

Special A (Manga)

Soul Eater (Manga only)

Ten no Ryuu Chi no Sakura

Pandora Hearts (Manga only)

Jigoku no shoujo (Hell girl)


“Itachi isn’t a frigid ice bitch, though,” Sakura attempts to defend the absent Uchiha heir – in all honesty, he is a bit cold, standoffish, and could even be considered downright weird, but two and a half years of working almost continuously with him and his ANBU squad have given her some degree of personal liking for the older male.

“You’re right,” Sasuke concedes, after a moment of thought, although his dark eyes glint in a very rare moment of wicked humor. “He’s the Frigid Ice Bitch. You should give him the respect he deserves, Sakura – after all, we all know how hard he’s worked to earn the title.”

'Hot Water' by Lady Silvamord


Chiyo and Sakura stood, in awe of the sight before them.

“Well,” Sasori said, “I haven’t had to use this form since I first joined the Akatsuki.”

“What is he,” Sakura asked, fear creating a tremor in her voice.

“I don’t believe it,” Chiyo said gravely, “No wonder he hasn’t aged.”

“He’s a living, breathing puppet,” Sakura breathed.

“That’s right,” Sasori said, a smirk on his face, “but unlike a puppet…”

He then stepped forward, and smiled. He then jumped in the air, and sang out a familiar tune.

I got no strings

To hold me down,

To make me grin,

Or make me frown!

I hate strings,

But now I see,

I got no strings on me!

Sakura and Chiyo stood there, sweatdropping. Sasori continued his crazed song-and-dance routine, all the while oblivious to the fact that Sakura and Chiyo had left the cavern, mumbling something about “crazy organization with psychotic members”.

'Outtakes: Naruto style!' by Panda-Chan21


“There’s one guy on the force who drives like that,” Sasuke says through gritted teeth. “My cousin Shisui.”

“But isn’t his partner…” Sakura asks, with a sense of dawning horror.

Itachi?” Naruto explodes. “As in, your brother, the Antichrist Itachi?”

“Calm down, calm down, we don’t know anything for sure,” Sasuke attempts to backtrack. “If it’s really Shisui and Itachi, then they’re going to—“

Attention, idiots! This means you! Yes, you in the hideous-looking orange pickup truck!”

Sasuke, Sakura, and Naruto exchange horrified looks.

“Yeah, it’s Shisui and Itachi,” Sasuke groans, rubbing his forehead. “Shisui loves that loudspeaker…”

Idiots in the hideous orange pickup, pull over immediately! As in, right this instant!

“Shit, what do I do?” Naruto asks, panicked.

Are you not hearing me, cretins? Pull. Over. Now!”

'“Pull over now, apparently,” Sakura trembles, hugging herself. “As we’ve graduated from idiots to cretins, and that’s never a good sign…”

'Age Of Consent' by Lady Silvamore

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