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oh i need to talk about my self well i

name; Carla


gender: female

interest:anime/manga i like swimming reading whatching tv and whatching anime.

favorite anime and manga: shakugan no shana, zero no tsukaima, vampire knight ,code geass inuyasha,hellsing,Yu gi oh. (rocks)

favorite parings: Alucard/seras, sesshomaru/occ, inuyasha/kagome ,loisse/setto, kaname/yukki, kallen /lelouch

i hate AxI paring you will never see me doing a story about them. Another thing I love romance stories ,action ,fantasy, horror ,suspense ,ok another thing I'm gonna say ill never repeat NEVER live my stories incomplete I'm not one of those authors who don't finish their stories. Even if i take a while to complete them please understand that i write fan fiction when i have free time from university.

my writing sucks but as the saying goes "practice makes perfect".

Oh and if somebody has a problem with my fics instead of insulting me, why don't you just get a life or just DONT READ IT instead of waiting your time sending hate and flames use it to make your life better.

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