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I Write Harry Potter Crossovers or some really dark Harry Potter Fic's, I'm a lore nerd, a dungeon master, story spinner, and a lover of all things dark and hedonistic.

Stories I'm Currently Writing:

Bad Moon Raising: Part Four to the Heir to the Hunt Series.

In The Coil's of a Serpent: this is M-Rated fic, it is M-Rated for a reason, Dead Dove: do not eat.

The-Boy-Who-Vanished!: this fic only updates when I feel like it, so don't expect it to update any time soon.

Stories I want to write:

Heir to the Flame: This would be another Harry Potter/Percy Jackson crossover(shocking, I know) much like my Heir to the Hunt it would follow a Demigod Harry from a parent that normally doesn't have kids, like ever, which would be Hestia/Vesta. though, this Harry would be a Harriet and would take place in New York, New York in 2005 and follow Harriet already knowing about being a Half-Blood but she doesn't know who that godly parent, and she goes on to find that out while interacting with Demigods, Gods, Monster, and Running a bakery.

Sp/it: This is another Female Voldemort Fic with my interpretation of her, while also turning a troupe on its head, you know that Troupe where Harry is pulled from one universe and into another to fix it? yeah, like that, but its Female Voldemort getting pulled through and she is not fucking happy about. would be some good fun.

Okay, now fuck off and go read my Cringe-ass fanfiction.

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