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Crusader Nightshade PM
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Hello reader, I'm Crusader Nightshade. But you can call me Crusader Nightshade. Hope you lot like my fanfics.

Breaking News; The Serpentine Prince is priority story.

Less Important News: I'll be making a discord server so people can suggest fanfic idea and changes or just chat.

My Tik Tok is @why_is_this_not_taken

and my unofficial beta readers Tik Tok is @natasharomanoffsimp_ and her fanfic account is Natasharomanoffsimp if you wanted to check it out.

Stories: Grey Eyes, and Just Another Ray of Sunshine, The Serpentine Prince.

Updates: Once a Month for each fanfic, I'm way too busy with school, work and family shit. Writing is a secondary priority, so sorry. THE SERPENTINE PRINCE WILL BE UPDATED EVERY WEEK!

Future Stories: Child Of Doom, Grey Eyes rewrite aka All's far in Love and War, Agent Mortem.


"There is a fine line between genius and insanity. I have erased that line."

- Oscar Levant.


- Courtney Freaking Miller.

"Is there truly a difference between life and death, if one is dead on the inside?"

- Me, in my head

"That's what she said."

- Steve Carell.

"Sometimes the goal of reading fanfiction is to forget what truly happened in cannon."

-Some random dude off twitter, I can't remember the username but the statement is true.

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