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Hi, I've been a member of this site for almost a year, and I decided that it was time to finally put up a profile. My user name is Hazmat, (don't let the site fool you, it only shows up "Hazmatt" because apparently someone is already "Hazmat".) I live in Canada, and as far as I'm concerned, it's the best place in the world. I mean no offense to anyone by saying this, it's just some National Pride. I'm lucky to live somewhere in the world where there isn't constant turmoil, where there are beautiful places, wild animals and nice people. Most people who meet me learn of my love for this nation as I have maybe 20 shirts that explain the wonders of Canada somewhere on them, including two that dispel common misconceptions about Canada, stating things like "I do not have a pet beaver", "Our Parliament buildings are not made of ice", "My second car is not a dogsled" and the like. I think my favourite is "A looney is a dollar, not a relative".

I love to read, and as I recently found out, my 3940 reviews to date will attest to it. I like to write about TV shows, but I have specific criteria for what I will watch on TV, and therefore what I will write about. The show has to have some couple I can root for, otherwise, it's just no fun. There also usually is some kind of military or investigative basis to the show, though I do like intelligent sitcoms. I love movies, and enjoy much the same thing in my movies as in my show preferences. I'm just not the kind of person who finds movies like "Jackass" and "Blades of Glory" to be entertaining. I will admit right now that I haven't seen either. The only movie with Will Farrel I've ever seen is "Elf", and that was just cute.

The picture here is of a Strawberry Poison Dart Frog. I was in my animal biology class last year and my prof had a little video that showed how these frogs actually look after their babies, unlike most amphibians, I really liked that, so in between saving pictures of the Enterprise, I found some pictures of this little guy.

I am currently in University, studying for a Bachelor of Science in Biology degree in the hopes of attending Veterinary School.

I'll stop talking now and wish you a good day and lots of reading enjoyment. Make an author's day, and review their story!

Your truly,


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