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Hey! well, i dont know what to say...

Um, well i'm a TOTAL SJ (Stargate SG-1) shipper, and well if i owned this series they would have been married by the end of season 4.

SJ is the only pairing i'm really obsessed with so, if you've got really good stories tell me!! :) but i also wouldnt mind things from the list below...

Fave Shows:

Stargate Sg-1 (Sam/Jack)


Gilmore Girls (Lorelai/Luke)

Stargate Atlantis (John/Teyla)

One Tree Hill (Lucas/Peyton)

I'm not really the writing type, but i'll post polls and might wright a story every once in a while...

For anyone who actually started reading my fanfic "11:11 and then I Wished For You:

I only took down the story because i don't want anyone else to read it and be annoyed with me for not finishing it at the moment. If i get back to it over winter break or summer i will repost it.

I'm reeeally sorry but i just dont have the time or energy to finish this fanfic now. I'm in school and things are really busy. Hopefully I'll be able to work on it during winter vacation/spring break/over the summer but if you want to know what was going to happen just review it and answer me and i'll respond. Also if anyone wants to finish the story I'd be cool with that, just lemme know.

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