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This hot image here is Genjo Sanzo, the Thirty-First of China from Saiyuki by Kazuya Minekura-san.

Age: Old and just turned another year older. Sighs dejectedly

Likes: Reading, playing video games, writing. . Spicy food. Thai Food. Mexican food, Pastas, Chocolates, ymm.. drools.

Favorite Animes: Not limited to

Ouran High School. - Watched this over several times. Loves Tamaki. He's such a ditz. LOLz

Prince of Tennis. -Just finished watching this over from episode one for like the second time. Really, some of these moves that the POT character uses really defies logic and physics. But that's what makes it so cool to watch. Hope the New Prince of Tennis gets animized.

Saiyuki. - Love it. Love it. Have also watched this over and over.

Naruto . - What can I say. Am a big Naruto Fan. Never did like Sasuke though. and a big KakaXNaru(male) fan. They just seem so sweet together.

Kenichi.- Very good fist fighting anime.

Bleach. - Also a Bleach Fan. Bleach is almost as good as Naruto in the Shounen anime

Kuroshitsuji. - What can I say. This is one messed up show but I like it and can't wait for the second season to come out

Kuroshitsuji II -Also kinda weird.

Uraboku - So nice, haven't finished it though, but planning to soon. Art's amazing and the voices are awesome for the character

Skip Beat. - Hilarious. Can't wait for Ren and Kyoko to get together.

Monochrome Factor .- Weird.But shounen-ai goodness -Need more

Junjou Romantica. - Very sweet anime . a must watch for any Yaoi and shounen-ai fans

07-Ghost. - Only seen til episode 13, but really good anime. Love the possible pairings

Reborn.- Very cute Acrobalenos. very good anime once the Future ARc starts.

Sengoku Basara. - Wow. this was a pretty awesome anime about the Fuedal era. Lots of action /fighting scenes. They have a season two, which i have not seen, but will soon.

Tsubasa Chronicles. - Great background music, characters, etc.

Tactics. Wish they have a second season, dang it

Get Backers. Cliff hanger ending, dang. REally good anime

Kyo Karah Maoh.-- Love this Love this. Boy gets flushed down a toilet and ended up in another wold where he is King

Final Fantasy VII_ Advent Children. Love this. Watched it many times

Fairy Tail - This is super funny and so awesome to watch

Books I have read and liked but not limited to:

The House of Doors: I have like read this several times. It is an awesome Sci-fi Fantasy novel

The Maze of Worlds: Sequel to the above. Also very good

The Necroscope: Fans of vampires stories. These books are chilling and awesome to read.

The Dark Hunter/ Dream-Hunter/ Were-Hunter series: All very good. Lots of tear jerkers

The Empire of Man (March Upcountry, March to the Sea, March to the Stars, We Few): Very good sci-fi fantasy. Great characters

War God (Oath of Sword, The War God;s Own and Wind Rider's Oath) : I thought this was quite a fun nad witty read with plenty of action.

Zombies are People too: yeah, like a zombie novel. gave me nightmares, but it is also good.

Tons of other's but just a few off the top of my head.

Pairings I like:

From Prince of Tennis

Atobe x Ryoma - MY FAVORITE PAIR

Sanada x Ryoma - Second favorite pair

Tezuka x Ryoma - They're okay. Depends on how it is written

Other pairings too.

From Saiyuki

Sanzo x Hakkai

Sanzo x Gojyo

Gojyo x Hakkai

From Naruto

Kakashi x Naruto - MY FAVORITE PAIR

Neji x Naruto

Itachi x Naruto

Sasuke x Naruto

Male Harem x Naruto

Stories :

Fall into Love : Prince of Tennis: In Progress

Never Alone : Naruto : In Progress - Working on it, but very... super very very slowly.

Mending Hearts: Prince of Tennis: In Progress

Strings of Fate: Prince of tennis: In Progress -Very, very slowly

Silent Scream: In progress

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