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Across the Universe is complete. It was always intended as a one shot, insofar as I intended to write it at all, so no continuation will be happening.

Also, the story has been translated into Chinese by aname00 here: www (.) jjwxc (.) net / onebook.php?novelid=468654 and into Korean by willowyne over on AO3: archiveofourown (.) org/ works / 13062147.

On the Way to Greatness is ongoing and I sincerely hope to see it through till the end. I get a lot of comments asking me if I've abandoned it, and, inevitably, the answer is no. Whenever you're wondering this, even if I haven't recently popped back here to say "hello, still writing"... the answer is nope, not abandoned. On the other hand, it's certainly not the fastest-updating WIP in the world (um...) so let me just take this moment to thank those who still read it and leave lovely comments! You guys are the best.

Meanwhile, Imogen Nolen has drawn OWG!Harry (dark--ocean (.) /post/89846894686/nr-3) and Padma (dark--ocean (.) /post/132798903436/young-p and also dark--ocean (.) /post/132799049611/padma-sixth-year-on-the-way-to-greatness-by), and Hoatay is translating the story into Vietnamese (hatdao3quatao (.) wordpress (.) com /category/tro-nen-vi-dai/).

Also, lovecrime2233 is translating the story into Korean! https (:) // mirae-tt (.) postype (.) com/ series/ 337817

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