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Well hello, fellow fanfiction readers! I'm alittleinsane963. Yup, that's truly the name my parents gave me. I thought it was a little cruel at first, but I eventually embraced the uniqueness of my name.

4-6-19 - Hi there, lovelies! I'm still alive and around, and feel you're owed an explanation for my lack of activity. I DO plan to finish Professors' Point of View. However, it's at a stage where I kind of have to go to a dark place, mentally, to get inside the brains of the characters. Quite frankly, I haven't been in a place in my real life to be able to handle that. So please, continue being patient. I appreciate it, and one day (hopefully soon), the stars will align and I will be able to crank out some more chapters!

10-18-16 - Holy crap I've been writing stuff on here for 8.5 years. -mind explodes a little-

Dear readers, you've been with me a long time and I can't possibly find the words to tell you how much I appreciate your support and how much I enjoy sharing my imaginary scenarios with you. I plan to continue to do so, but I have a big kid job now that I love immensely, and that's where I happily spend nearly all my time. Writing fanfic has fallen even further down the ladder of priorities - I really just write in the occasional burst nowadays. So keep checking, but be patient. Slowly but surely, the updates will come.

7-25-13 - My lovelies, I have joined the world of Twitter! You can find me, as always, under "Alittleinsane963". Look forward to communicating more frequently! Also, check out Fandom4LLS. :)

6-13-11 - Hello, my lovelies! Confession: I will not be putting up the Mentalist/HP crossover this summer. I like sticking to the "real" plotline of things as much as possible, and the finale of the Mentalist left way too much up in the air. I'm sorry to anyone waiting for it, but you'll be waiting a while.

In exchange for the Mentalist/HP cross, I've started a sequel to An Unusual Case! Yay! When will it be up? Dunno. I have to figure out a direction for the plot, first. :P

Don't lose your hair just yet. Scroll on down! You'll see a story called "The Professors' Point of View". Click it. I dare you. ;)

4-25-11 - Just a simple update to let you know that I'm still alive. This year's been really tough and I've had absolutely no time to write anything. I do intend to give you two new stories this summer, and I very much look forward to "hearing" from you all once more!

"Alittleinsane! What stories do you plan on giving us? And why should we think that you're going to actually post them when you haven't updated anything in like a year?"

Well, you caught me on the not-updating-in-almost-a-year thing. As said, all my time's been taken away from me by the evil time beast to om-nom-nom on. It's been terrible. Believe you me, it hurts me more to stay away than it does you.

As for the stories, I plan on unveiling the Mentalist/HP cross I promised you, as well as delivering the long-awaited seqel to The Teachers' Notebook. Yes, it's coming. Feel free to squee, I promise I won't stop you.

Don't give up on me! I'm coming back! I'm coming back!

-evil roar of the time beast- NOOO!!!! It's come to get me again! *flees*

12-17-11 - I will henceforth have a "FAQ" section up here, so feel free to send me PMs ...-chortle-... Uh, yeah! Feel free to send me messages with questions.


Will you write a Notebook for the next generation? Definitely do not count on it. I like sticking to canon and there's next to nothing known about next generation. I would not feel at all comfortable writing a story for it. Sorry!

How do the Notebooks the Hogwarts professors write in work? I think of it as, essentially, a chat room on paper. What one person writes down in their Notebook appears in everyone else's that has theirs open at the time. Also, if teacher A wishes to talk to teacher B, all A need do is write down B's name and B's Notebook will start to sort of quiver, only enough to catch their attention, thus alerting them that they're wanted.

What... is your name? Alittleinsane963. Duh!

What... is your quest? ...Um... To post stories on this site and entertain people as I improve my wiritng skills.

What.. is the air-speed velocity of an unlaiden swallow? What do you mean? An African or European swallow? (You fail to answer the question and are thrown over the Bridge of Death. -GAME OVER-)

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