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May 28, 2012- Hey my peeps. Sorry i havent been on in a while. I'm working on rewriting You Say What Happened? cause my writing style drastically changed so i gotta fix it all!

January 3, 2013- Hey guys. I'm struggeling through, like I promised. I'm really not a big Twilight fic-er anymore, but a promise is a promise, and I will finish. Soon. Maybe. At any rate, I have a new obsession. Doctor Who. Beautiful series really. I love it. So I will do my best to finish updating my stories to present-writing style, and then I'll probably disappear somewhere, off to Whovian land or something. Bye for now!

From Life:

"This is what happens when you put two fanfiction authors together." my friend maximum-ride-23 to an un-twilight fanatic friend on a random outburst between the two of us about werepires.

From Fanfics:

"“Ew, he’s sticking his nose all over the window again!” cried Lily in dismay. “There is nothing I hate more than having to clean the Dark Lord’s nose prints off my windows.” She pouted." Peeping Tom, a Harry Potter fic.

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