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Hello. I just started reading Harry Potter fanfiction. Late I know. I read the books and watched the movies. Then my niece started watching and reading. It's something we enjoy doing together when there's nothing else to do. Honestly someone should intervene because we watch the movie's like there is nothing else available.

After years of reading Twilight fanfiction, I found I needed something new to read. So I jumped from my Jasper/Bella obsession and found Draco/Hermione. So that is where I am now.

If anyone has come to this page looking for my Twilight favorites list, I finally condensed all my Twilight to my Emo4 fanfiction account. There is more than just Jasper/Bella, they just happen to be my favorite. This account is now for Harry Potter only. So far just Dramione stories really.

Thank you to all the writers out there that give their free time to freely share the stories that they write. I truly appreciate you, as well as the Beta's and pre-readers that help the writers get their stories out.

I guess that's all for now. Happy New Year. 2023.


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