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I love campaigning (about social justice issues), teaching, reading, writing and movies - any kind of narrative - so yes, loads of tv shows as well! I have taught literature and media studies to most age groups from 11-year olds to grad students, which is what I do now. I guess you could call me an experienced writer, because I have written two unpublished suspense novels, published quite a bit of non-fiction over the years and my day-job involves teaching and writing. If you ever want to know more about my non-fiction, you are welcome to PM me and ask.

My once charming, philosophical seven-year old has turned into an intense arty thirteen year old, who was for a while a huge fan of Casey and Marti in LwD and various other teenage TV fics. He makes me watch shows I'd never have heard of but for him. Though books (and people, face-to-face!) are my first love, I have found a lot of satisfaction in the warmth and creativity of the LWD fan fiction community and the way so many people support each other. Life has been tough and busy in the last year or two, so less writing sadly... but I'm still following and hoping to write more soon.

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