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My Favorites:

Songs: "Got You Where I Want You" by The Flys, All Songs by Big Time Rush, "Lil Freak" and "Scream" by Usher, All songs by One Direction, Bon Jovi, Poison, Def Leppard, Bruno Marrs, etc...

Fandoms that I'm into: Supernatural, The Originals, The Walking Dead, Intelligence, Tru Blood, Wrestling (TNA and WWE), Bones, CSI(Vegas), White Collar, The Glades, Big Time Rush, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Blood Ties, Highlander, Vampire Diaries, and Forever Knight.

Actors: Jensen Ackles, David Boreanaz, Josh Holloway, Daniel Gillies

Books: The Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Series and The Merry Gentry series by Laurell K. Hamilton. The Blood Books by Tanya Huff

Animal: Tigers and my Beagle Shiloh

Color: Every color of the rainbow


My friend Dee was my first introduction into this fandom, but I still slacked on watching it. However, when I finally did watch a couple of episodes I was an instant fangirl and am under Dean's spell for sure! I'm a Dean girl and proud of it! Jensen Ackles is a walking talking wet dream so much so that he has replaced David Boreanaz (who held my number 1 spot for 14 years) as my new number 1 guy. I luv the spooky stories that this show brings to life in every episode! I also luv just about every supporting character that has graced the show's 8 seasons (i.e. Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard, Sebastian Roche, etc...).

Big Time Rush

These guys are my weakness when it comes to absolutely hot youthfulness. This very talented group of young men have women of all ages screaming for them. Their tv show on Nickelodean is a great watch for families looking for something fun and non-violent to watch with their young kids. It encourages kids to do the right thing, communicate with others to promote teamwork and how to be a great friend. BTR's music is high energy and full of life. Yeah it's got a subtle sexual overtone to it, but let's face it these guys are in their 20's now and that's kind of where their minds are. I am proud that my kids luv and look up to these guys. I also appreciate all of the time and hard work that they put into making music and tv that I (at the age of 36) enjoy as well as my girls. Luv u Logan, Kendall, James, and Carlos!

Vampire Diaries

I first read the original four books in high school and love that they turned it into an awesome TV show. My favorite character is Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder). I love where the writers have taken this show and Damon. This show is filled with a very talented cast of actors/ actresses.


I have been a wrestling fan since 1997, though back then I only watched WCW. After WCW was bought out I quit watching wrestling until about three years ago. I had caught a match here and there during my hiatus, but I knew who the major players were HHH, Rock, Stone Cold, etc etc etc...

Favorite Wrestling Theme Songs: The Hardy Boyz Theme, I Came To Play (The Miz's Theme), Break the Wall Down (Jericho's theme), My Time (old HHH theme), Never Gonna Stop (old Edge theme), and The Undertaker's Ministry of Darkness theme.

Jeff Hardy I honestly had no favorite wrestlers that is until August 21, 2006 when I caught the return of Jeff Hardy on RAW! I was instantly hooked and his thrilling high flying moves quickly became my drug of choice. His hottness didn't escape my attention either. I have cheered and supported him through the good and the bad every since that night.

Chris Jericho Raw, November 19, 2007 had me jumping and cheering in my living room at seeing the return of the gorgeous and quick witted Ayatollah of Rock n Rollah! I knew it was him coming back the first time they aired that 'code' promo. Although I have to admit I love his new look much better than his old one. (Heel C.J.=Yumminess! Love the bad boys!)

Tru Blood

LOVE this show on HBO! It took me a bit to get into this show cause frankly it started off kind of boring. I fought my way through season 1 and half of season 2 before Eric Northman caught my eye. Tall with blond hair and captivating green eyes and just all around hot! I love hearing this character make suggestive comments and talk dirty...pretty much gets my blood going a little faster.

White Collar

I only need to say one name to show how much I love this show...NEAL CAFFREY (Matt Bomer).


I have been a huge fan of Buffy, since day one! My favorite characters from the series are Buffy (of course), Angel, and Spike. I liked all of the other characters but not to the level that I did for my main three.


Pretty much the same as Buffy except for my favorites. Favorite characters are Angel, Spike, Lorne, Wesley, and Fred.


I've watched this series since the airing of the pilot episode. Favorite characters are Booth (see a recurring theme here?), Brennan, Angela, Gordon Wyatt, Sweets, and Hodgins.

CSI (Vegas)

It took me a while to really get into this series, but once I did I was hooked! I have one majorly favorite character and that is Nick. My secondary favorites are Catherine, Greg, Grissom, Warrick (I cried so hard when they killed him...stupid writers), and of course Brass.

Blood Ties

One of the great vampire series ever to grace the TV screen! I loved Henry and Mike Celluci. Vicki was a strong female character, but sometimes she just rubbed me the wrong way...not sure why.


I've always been a fan of this show too. I haven't seen all of the movies though, but I'm working on it.Favorite characters are Methos and Duncan, but I generally liked all of the characters in the series except for Dr. Ann Lindsey.

Forever Knight

I used to watch this show when I was in high school and I enjoyed it...even if it is a little on the B-rated side. I am just now rediscovering this show since my husband bought me the first two seasons on dvd for my birthday. Bought the last season a while back and finally got up the nerve to watch the last few episodes. It was utterly heartbreaking to see Nick break down like that after being such a strong heroic character for so long!

The Walking Dead

Zombies scare me! They are a long standing childhood fear, but I can't help but to watch and love this show! I enjoy all of the character relationships and developments and yes I think Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus are extremely sexy men!


This show is my newest tv love. I loved the first season and wish for a second season, but I don't think they are gonna do one.

The Originals

Need season two like right now! The season one finale had me crying and then desperately wanting more! Klaus has become the bad boy character that I love to hate and hate to love. He has shown many different sides to him that we never saw on TVD. My biggest thrill though is Elijah! He appears to be so regal and sometimes stuck up, but he is mesmerizing! He has a commanding presence and is just a BAMF! Love him and the show! Can't wait for more!

Thanks to The Pacific Elementals for this next part.

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