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11 March 2014 -- Time Sand has been taken down, because at this point the likelyhood of my ever getting back to it in its current state is hovering around 0%. I may pick it back up and revamp it at some point down the road, but I make no promises.

27 February 2014 -- I actually opened and worked on Profit the other day and have continued to do so off and on since, so anyone waiting on that may actually be able to look forward to an update at some point before the next apocalypse. My deepest apologies for flaking so hard on it.

About me:

Hey there, I'm Ari. I'm in college, somewhat obsessed with Harry Potter, and a former prolific writer who's working on getting her stamina back. I also have a really horrible attention span, so if I vanish for weeks or months at a time, I apologize in advance. I sometimes write original fic as well as fanfic, though that's not on here for obvious reasons, and you can find me at any number of other places if you care to look.

I'm not the best correspondent in the world, but drop me a message if you want to talk and I'll do my best to get back to you in a timely manner. As a general rule I answer reviews that have substantive commentary and especially questions and silently appreciate ones that say little more than 'I loved it!' I do read them all though, and I greatly appreciate every single review I receive.

You can find me on AO3 under the pseudonym anamia. I post more stuff to there, since it lets you sort things into series more easily, though I try to remember to crosspost things that I think there might be an audience for over here.

Story stuff:

I have a very strong focus on friendship between characters, so if you're looking for stories of the sex and/or romance type this is probably not the place for you. I am 100 percent uninterested in ship wars, so don't bother trying to goad me into one. The ships I do have tend to be relatively unusual, but I don't write for them that much. Mostly it's just all friendship all the time around here, particularly if you're here for Les Mis stuff.

My current primary fandom is Les Mis, mostly bookverse, but Harry Potter is my forever fandom so I still write for it. There's probably more politics in my Harry Potter stuff than anyone wants and less in my Les Mis works than there should be, but that's what happens when you're more interested in worldbuilding than historical research. I take requests, though I reserve the right to refuse any prompts that either don't interest me or fall outside of my writing abilities. If you're interested in paying me to write something for you just drop me a note and we'll work something out.

Accidental Magic Series (Harry Potter):

The Accidental Magic series is comprised of more or less stand-alone stories, though it helps to know that the premise of the series is that the Battle of Hogwarts was lost and not all the horcruxes found. Stories in the series, in chronological order, are as follows:

-Hatred Burns (stronger than determination)

-To soar with feet firmly grounded

-To see what he wrought [set during Profit]

-The Profit in Wishing

Even snakes bleed red (Harry Potter):

A full description of this 'verse is available in the author's notes for Coat my heart with poisoned thorns. After the incident in the Chamber Tom Riddle's spirit moved permanently into Ginny Weasley and they slowly reach a tenuous state of co-existence. This 'verse, as one can imagine, gets dark and violent at times and people are not always very nice to each other.

-Coat my heart with poisoned thorns

-Bring to a slow boil


Nothing hurts/Miserables with Friends AU (Les Miserables):

A series of fix-it fics centered around the premise that Fantine ended up in Digne rather than M-sur-M after leaving Paris and things ended much better for everyone. The fics are internally consistent but don't need to be read in any kind of order. If you're interested in writing fics for this 'verse just let me know; it's an open sandbox.

-Heart full of love, lips covered in chocolate

-A grand adventure indeed

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