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Hi! I'm Mi,I have been in fanfiction for a while. If you have a good recommendation, please recommend(!)my preferences are below. Get to know me! I speak English fluently with a bit of Italian and French. My favorite color is yellow, I love books and am a huge romantic. I am a huge advocate for mental health. My love language is Words of Affirmation and Physical Touch. I try to be bold with my writing but I'm also really shy and don't take criticism really well (I'm working on it) so I haven't posted on here yet, which I hope to change. I know nobody reads these so I'm trying to keep this short and sweet. Have a nice day :)


  • Hermione Centric just no Snamione or Romione, love Harmony and Dramione
  • Percabeth and any other ship in that universe, no perachel
  • Kinda in the Hunger Games but mid
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