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Joined Apr '08

Name: Carla

Location: NYC

Likes: Femmeslash, Scrabble, Harry Potter, Law & Order (all incarnations but particulalry the original series, Abby and Serena rocked imho) Navy: NCIS, Will and Grace, Frasier and The Golden Girls. Did I mention Harry Potter? Recently I've also gotten into Twilight femmeslash though I think the books really are for the most part utter rubbish and I haven't seen the movie.

Dislikes: racist homophobes, sticky countertops and coffee

Favorite Quotes:

Charity, like schizophrenia, begins in the home. -- Florence King, Confessions of a Failed Southern Lady

It's a one time thing. It just happens a lot. -- Suzanne Vega, Cracking

Never settle for anyone other than the very best your own excellence can command. --Marion Zimmer Bradley, a short story the title of which I have long since forgotten.

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