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Ok soooo here I am in a nutshell. I love to write but have just started to delve into the wonderful world of Fanfic writing. I've always imagined different versions of Fanfiction but never put it down on paper simply keeping it locked away in my twisted little brain. When I found out that others enjoyed the same things as myself, Wow. That there are so many brilliantly talented writers just lying in wait, writing the stories the show writers have forgotten, on line with in reach, I fell in love.

I am a Ginormous whump/limp fan and never thought in a million years that anybody else out there was just as into it as me. Imagine my surprise when the world of fanfiction opened up to me. It was a whole new universe of splender. I found out there were words for what I enjoyed being entertained by; Whump, limp, hurt/comfort, ect. and that there were sites like this that would allow me, and the others like me, to express our fantasies. Well it is just freaking fantastic!

I love cat's, hate the snow, live in Oregon, have a husband, and am now 31 years old!!. If anybody want's to give me something for my birthday a very long blind!SAm, heart failure, kidney failure, or deaf!Sam fic would be the ultimate gift...

Lately: I was very sick last year, not my type 1 Diabetes that I've had for 16 years but something else, and in my opinion far more upsetting. All of my stories (all two of them) are on hiatus right now but I am trying to grasp the excitement to finish them both. :) I found out this year that what was making me sick was MS Multiple sclerosis so that's kinda knocked me for a loop but as with anything else you pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and just keep plugging along so that's what I'm hoping to do. :)

On the light side: I'm going to Comic-Con this summer, YAY!!!!!!!!!

I'm a writer and am working on a book, but really like fanfiction and think once I finish Lost in the Darkness and Serenity's Serenade I will write another one. I already have several ideas and , Yes, they all involve limp!Sammy.

I love Reviews and suggestions.

I have a site on livejournal Under MysterMadchen and Shepwhumpfinder email me if you want the links. *Haven't updated that in some time, sorry ;)*

I have many, many H/C stories saved and would love to share the ones that I've archived.

I would LOVE to hear about any limp Sam stories that I may have missed, send them to me, I'm sure I'll love them. Self promotion is fine. :)


Gen or het only I don't read slash, wincest, mpreg, or incest stories. And am not a big fan of extra sibling or Adam stories in the SN forty, I'm all for choice, but I'm strickly a Gen/Het girl!!

The longer the story the better for me. That way I can enjoy it for a long time and I know there's more to climb into before I'm at the end and have to deal with the pang of loss when there's no more to read and the stories at a close.

The two shows that I read fanfiction on are;


I Am enjoying the TEENchester/Weechester stories right now, I think because of the way that season 6n started, I was disappointed and am leaning towards the younger stuff where the boys were first and foermost brothers and not strangers trying to find their way back to one another. :) The brotherly bond is what sucked me into the genre and it is what I enjoy EVEN more than limping Sam. :)

My favorite stories are limp!Sam, hurt!Sam, Ill!Sam. I am always looking for more blindness and deaf stories with Sam as the victim, but love all of the hurt comfort ones out there. I'm currently looking for stories where Sam has organ failure, blindness, or he gives up his health, sight, ect... to protect his brother or father. Ie. Sam sacrifices his own senses or health to save theirs. Hurt Sam, angsty Dean. I enjoy Dean centered stories as well, but am a Sam girl first and foremost. I would love any and all suggestions on stories out there involving our boys, especially if Sam is blind or deaf.

Stargate Atlantis/Stargte SG-1

Let me just say that I am totally pissed that they canceled my show... I love shepwhump stories they are the best and I also love the same kind of thing for this show as well Blind or Deaf, but Illness, injury and all out hurt comfort both emotional and otherwise are just fine with me.

And I'm still wondering where our movie is???? It was supposed to be here two years ago!!!!

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