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Hi Everyone! I'm evilquail (but I assume you already know that)

anyways I like V for Vendetta, Doctor Who, Phantom of the Opera, Pirates of the Carribbean, Batman, Death Note, Bleach, Politics, Ouran High School Host Club, The Beatles (especially John), Green Day, The Dresden Dolls, Bo Burnham, The Rolling Stones, Oingo Boingo, Billy Joel, Alice Cooper, Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly (I know I know), feminism, guitar, Elton John, Jefferson Airplane/Starship and lots of other random stuff. I am an artist, a guitarist, a thespian, a liberal, and a thinker.

Things I don't like: overbearing people, religious zealots, racists, sexism, country music, facists, ignorant people, those who are uncompasssionate, selfishness, and general stupidity. Oh and Olives. I don't like olives.

Stories in the works

Okay I'm really busy right now so I haven't updated anything in a while, but I DO have a story on Murasaki Kurai's page, which we were origionally co writing but she got bored with so now it's all up to me. I really like it and would really appreciate it if anyone would want to check it out. :D

here's murasaki's page

and here is the story- a batman fic. :)

One more thing: i'm more of an artist than a writer, so if you are interested please check out my deviantart page


Thanks for reading!

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