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I'm working full time again now unfortunately. It means Updating is far and between, I hope not to give up with my stories, but I'll do my best.

I'll keep it short and sweet, I've been an author on fanfiction for about ten years now on two different accounts, I enjoy SSX and FF12 in the video games category, One Piece, Naruto; Bleach and a host of other animes and Harry Potter. I work full time, I live in England and Germany. I tend to review everything I read; be it good or bad since it is demoralising for an author to get tons of hits and no reviews. If it hadn't been for constructive criticism when I first started I still believe my writing would be appalling. I write for fun and for a hobby and one day I might actually look at getting my original works written out completely, until then; I lose myself in fanfiction.

I steer clear of Yaoi like the plague, it's generally the worst written type of fiction in terms of out of characterness, lack of plot and general writing style. My OTP's are usually pairings that are not very common but just seem to work. I like well written OC's, in fact I adore them, although I have to wade through 70% rubbish, when I find that rare 30% that I can read and enjoy I am hooked.

For interests here are some of my favourites:

Music - Power Metal
Colour - Pink
Animal - Bunny
Anime - One Piece
Game - Zelda, Ocarina of Time
Season - Winter
Food - Lamb
Pokemon - Buneary

I have an insatiable lust for atheletes. Especially German ones. Oh Manuel Neuer what I wouldn't do to you.

My friend Shannon drew an amazing picture of the Heart Pirates with my OC's Celeste and Ruby x3 You can view it here by copying and pasting into your browser window. http:///tumblr_m9scb2sDzL1ru31amo1_1280.png

Update: Friday 9th October

Path Of Loyalty status: Hiatus for now.

Nothing Left status: 0% Just updated.

Avalanche status: On hiatus for the moment.

Wiggle xxx

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