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List of Favorite Quotes:

"I can romp through Cupid's grove with great agility, but life is more than sexual combustibility!"
~John Adams (no, not REALLY XD)

"Well, I'll not be remembered in the history books anyway. Only you! Franklin did this, Franklin did that, Franklin did some other damn thing... Franklin SMOTE the ground, and out sprang -- George Washington, fully grown and on his horse. He then eLeCtRiFiEd him with the miraculous lightning rod, and the three of them -- Washington, Franklin, and the horse -- conducted the entire Revolution, all by themselves."
"I like it!"
~John Adams and Ben Franklin

"'Dear Mr. Adams,
I am taking my wife back to bed.
Kindly go away.
Your obedient: T. Jefferson!?'"
~John Adams (reading a note-that-was-not-the-Declaration-of-Independence-that-he-was-hounding-Jefferson-to-write)

"We worked together all right in Onu-Metru. Remember? Oh, I forgot, you ignore the past, don't you?"

"If he gets any more dark and grim, I will call him Toa of Mud."

"Very clever. Here I just finished telling someone you were too trusting."
"There's a difference between 'trusting' and 'stupid'... And for your information, Nuju would rather shovel out Ussal crab stalls than take a long journey with Matau."
"That's right. You underestimated how much Nuju cannot stand to be around..." (Matau then trails off when he realizes what he's saying.)
~Krahka, Vakama, and Matau

"By the will of the Great Spirit, it has JUST BEGUN!"

"Matau slowed the boat to a crawl. Up ahead, the tunnel forked. Both passages looked the same to him: dark, creepy, and about as inviting as the thought of being stranded in a broken chute with Nuju."
~Matau's thoughts

"I say we go left."
"Because we hardly ever go left."


"We go right."
"Because I remember what happened the last time we went left."
~Matau and Nuju

"Just what the world needs -- a Makuta fish."
~Matau's thoughts

"Tunnels. Why does it always have to be tunnels?"
"Tell you what. I will wear the torch-mask and explore the tunnels from now on, and you can live in the mud-swamp. What do you say?"
"I say there's nothing like a good tunnel."
~Whenua and Matau

"Amazing. I have finally found it."
" Someone who makes Whenua sound cheerful."
~Onewa and Nuju


Many documents contain pages on which the text "This page is intentionally left blank" is printed, thereby making the page not blank.

If truth does not exist, then the statement "truth does not exist" is a truth, thereby proving itself incorrect.

Some Wikipedian paradoxes that I like... aren't paradoxes fun? Hehe... ( O_O;; )


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