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my first rickroll:- 1 shot inspired by my rickrolls of a mate and scrubs general awesomeness of music choices

My new game of life:- set in season 6 of scrubs, 3 grown ups playing a game for 9 year olds...

I know him so well:- another scrubs music related 1 shot, penned in a few minutes, but i think it works well, set in season 7

Beatrice’s first chemistry class:- Music related 1 shot, set in the Bullworth Academy chemistry lab...

Getting to know you:- Harry Potter Universe, Start of Victoire's first year,day after being sorted... Herbology class (one shot)

Sister??!!:- the birth of Ginny Weasley... who knew it was going to be a girl??

Arrows ban to remain:- 1 shot about the 1894 ban on appleby arrows fans shooting arrows to celebrate, as written in the prophet

The rise to Olympic glory of James Jimmy Hopkins:- Jimmy wins a BMX Gold medal at the london olympics (1 shot)

about me:-

i was born on april 18th 1980 (save updating my age every time the day rolls around)

it was the day Zimbabwe gained its independence from Britain, and i weighed in at 9Lbs 4.5 oz

i was diagnosed as having aspergers syndrome (autism) at the age of 14, which sucks some times

I am on facebook... same e-mail address as the one for this account, and its on my homepage


most food, beer and a nice steak (rare, bloody as hell, with plenty of chips!!), manchester united (the best team ever!!)

Sport statistics in general

PS2 games (Canis Canem Edit, destroy all humans 2 (which i can complete 100 percent in 15 hours 14 minutes) , lego batman, lego indiana jones and the FIFA series)

reading fanfics and novels (harry potter and star wars novels in particular)

i write HTML (check out my website), cinema, shopping, watching dvds and blu rays


Favourite Music

Most of the music that has been in scrubs... yes i love that show

the music of star wars (imperial march from episode 5,
i want that played as i walk into the room at my wedding reception)

"Take me home united road"
(i did i mention i love Manchester United, yes??)

favourite TV shows

Scrubs (FOR THE WIN!!)

MASH (through early morning fog i see...)

the sopranos

Red Dwarf (anybody who says this sucked can just smeg off or i'll invoke space corps directive 34124, LOL)

Blackadder (i'm just so british!!)

Match of the Day & Match of the Day 2 (UNITED!!)

Game of thrones (the books = pure win)

Big Bang Theory

Breaking Bad

Favorite films

The Italian job (original, never the remake, end of)

The Star wars saga (except the bits in episodes 1 and 2 when Jar Jar Binks opens his mouth,
oh yeah and who the hell cares if han shot first?? i don't)

under siege

Hot fuzz

Blues brothers

toy story 1,2 and 3(they are all awesome)

Blues brothers (the original, but the sequel is bad!!)


Joffrey in game of thrones... (his mother is not very nice either, but joff is just a psychotic little douchebag!!)

large amounts of slash in fanfics (its 1 of those things that just is really off putting)

fish, eggs,peaches and grapefruit juice, people who try and force religion down your throat

reviews/PM's/requests/dedications/shoutouts/suggestions/corrections/user created artworks:-

All of the above welcome (not had any artwork yet!!)

People/creatures/creations who I Love/Admire/Idolize etc.

my Freinds

my Family

My parents neutered ginger tom cat (sadly died on august 1st 2009, i miss him)

my PS2

my iPad


People who review my stories

the casts of the shows i love on tv

Sir Alex Ferguson (manchester united manager 1986-2013, retired)

Bill Lawrence (creator of Scrubs)

J.K. Rowling

George R. R. Martin (mr song of ice and fire!!)

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